Visa Alias Directory Service

Simplify the push payment experience. Link and resolve an Alias to a payment credential.

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Improve user experience and security for your customers

Visa Alias Directory Service is built to help simplify payments, improve the user experience, and protect sensitive payment credential information by using Aliases. 

Alias Directory offers capabilities for clients to link Aliases, such as mobile numbers or email addresses, to payment credentials such as cards or bank accounts. Clients can manage the lifecycle of an Alias and resolve an Alias to receive the associated payment credential.

Why Visa Alias Directory?

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Keep Sensitive Information Secure

Recipients do not need to expose sensitive account details. Instead, simply share a phone number or e-mail.

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Global Reach

Ability to connect to directories around the world.

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Delightful and Convenient User Experiences

Eliminate time wasted gathering and inputting the recipient's payment credentials. Simply send money to an account associated with a phone number or email. 

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Simple Integration

Easy-to-use APIs for lifecycle management and Alias resolution.

How Does It Work?

Infographic that demonstrates how Visa Alias Directory works

Visa Alias Directory Service stores Alias information with its own directory and also has the capability to connect to remote directories. Clients can query Visa Alias Directory Service with an Alias and receive back payment credentials associated with that Alias. These payment credentials can then be used for a push payment in the appropriate payment rail (e.g., Visa Direct, Mastercard Send). 

APIs Included

Alias Resolution API

Retrieve the payment credential associated with an Alias to initiate a payment

Alias Lifecycle Management APIs

Update personal information and payment credentials associated with an Alias.

Reporting APIs (Coming Soon)

Gain insights into your Alias Directory usage

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