Visa Biometrics

Meet customer expectations for simpler and more secure authentication with Visa Biometrics.

Use biometrics like face, fingerprint, and voice to create simpler authentication experiences to satisfy customer needs for simplicity and speed. Applications include app login, payments, step-up authentication, and more.

available for use by:

Issuer Banks
Acquirer Banks
Small Businesses


Free to use in Sandbox. Contact Visa for pricing and commercial details to use in Production.

Create simpler and faster authentication experiences

The Visa Biometrics service provides Visa clients with the ability to integrate biometric authentication into their mobile applications, allowing their end-users to authenticate using human characteristics, such as face, eyes, voice, and fingerprint. Biometrics can help clients create simpler and faster authentication experiences, across multiple biometric modalities, through a single integration with the service.

Key Features

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Create simpler security with face, voice and fingerprint biometrics.

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Offer multiple biometric methods to provide consumer choice and flexibility.

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Use the Biometrics SDK to quickly build innovative authentication moments.

Why Use It?

Simpler and Faster Authentication 

Minimize end-users’ needs to remember or type in complex passwords.

Greater Sense of Security 

Combine and check multiple biometric modalities at once for stronger, multi-factor authentication when needed.

Consistent Across Applications 

Use the same biometrics to authenticate end-users across your suite of mobile applications.

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