DPS Digital Services

Digital accounts change the way your Connected Consumers transact and manage accounts.

Digital Services is a set of features that issuers can offer their cardholders to expand access to a variety of payment related services through a variety of channels.  

available for use by:

Issuer Banks
Independent Developers

Pricing & Contracts

Free to use in Sandbox. Contact Visa for pricing and commercial details to use in Production.

Mobile credit using Square payment device

Digital Issuance – Enrollment, Validation, Provisioning, and PAN Update

Digital Issuance allows you to provide a card digitally to your, now, Connected Consumer for immediate use where digital payments are accepted.  Digital Issuance allows you to either replace or compliment your instant issuance process with digital issuance to boost revenue and your engagement with your consumers.  

Key Features

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Digital Account Ordering.

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Digital Delivery and Access.

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Digital Provisioning and Spend.

Why Use It?

  • To offer cardholders emergency access to funds.
  • To update cardholder PAN information.
  • To build and offer new solutions to cardholders.
  • To increase acceptance and drive revenue growth.
APIs Included

Enrollment API

The Enrollment API enables issuers and partners to manage the enrollment process of the virtual/digital PAN.

Validation API

The Validation API enables issuers and partners to manage the process of verifying the cardholder via OTP, token or email verification.

Provisioning API

The Provisioning API enables issuers and partners to seamlessly enroll the digitally issued card to a variety of digital wallets. When the card is available instantly, issuers are able to transact anywhere digital payments are accepted.

PAN Update API

The PAN Update API enables issuers and partners to update cardholder's digital PAN information in the event a PAN is replaced due to reissuance or fraud.

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