Guide Authentication, Built with Visa

Help mitigate fraud by using global standards for strong and simple authentication.

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Free to use in Sandbox. Contact Visa for pricing and commercial details to use in Production.

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Use device-based biometric authentication methods to help mitigate fraud and improve your customer experience.

Guide Authentication provides a simple and secure authentication mechanism to help mitigate fraud and reduce cart abandonment. Guide Authentication is a strong authentication solution built using FIDO (Fast Identity Online), an open industry standard developed to reduce the use of passwords and one-time passcodes (OTPs), which are key targets of information criminals are increasingly looking to steal. Guide provides convenient and privacy preserving biometric authentication capabilities while protecting cardholder privacy. 

Why Guide Authentication?

Guide Authentication aims to provide security and convenience for merchants, issuers, and consumers.


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Implements a global authentication standard which is natively supported by all major browsers and operating systems

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Helps protect against payment fraud

Helps mitigate fraud by eliminating the need to use passwords and OTPs for authentication; helps defend against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks

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Fast and convenient experiences

Enables consumers to easily authenticate themselves with their fingerprint, face, or device PIN

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Helps reduce friction

Designed to reduce friction during checkout when step-up authentication is required

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Security and reliability of Visa

Privacy preserving technology, biometric information never leaves a consumer’s device

How does it work?

Enrollment check

Use the Login Hint API to check whether your customer is already enrolled with Guide Authentication. 


If your customer is not yet enrolled, you can prompt them to enroll and initiate an OpenID request to Guide. Guide will then enroll the user based on the standard FIDO registration process.


If your customer is already enrolled, you can initiate an OpenID request to Guide, Guide will authenticate the user based on the standard FIDO authentication process and pass you back an ID token with the authentication results.

Key Features

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Feature #1

Scheme agnostic two-factor authentication solution built on industry standard protocol

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Feature #2

Consumers only need to register once and can authenticate anywhere Guide Authentication is supported

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Feature #3

Designed to work with EMV 3DS and Visa’s Delegated Authentication Program to help meet Strong Customer Authentication requirements

APIs Included

Login Hint

Verify whether a customer is enrolled and eligible to be authenticated using Guide.

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