Issuer Measurement Documentation

Ready to start coding?

Things to Know

Issuer Measurement can be used by developers in the sandbox. To use this API in production, clients must be pre-approved by Visa. This API licensing agreement and approval process is available as part of the production onboarding process and issuing clients can only access their own data. Use of the service is subject to the restrictions and other terms and conditions set forth in the applicable agreement.

For additional information, contact your Visa representative or email with the subject “Issuer Measurement API”.

Visa does not make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information provided by the Portfolio Diagnostic API, nor does Visa assume any liability or responsibility for claims or damages that may result from reliance on such information.


The following table lists the regional availability for Issuer Measurement. To view availability of all products, refer to the Availability Matrix.

Available in entire region

Limited availability in region

Not available

Product Name Availability Notes
Issuer Measurement
Product Name Availability Notes
Issuer Measurement
Product Name Availability Notes
Issuer Measurement
Product Name Availability Notes
Issuer Measurement
Product Name Availability Notes
Issuer Measurement

Getting Started

Issuer Measurement lets clients access aggregated portfolio comparison data collected across the Visa network. It provides insight into how well your issuing portfolio is performing over time and in comparison to the market performance. For example, by using an aggregated and de-identified transaction dataset, you can compare payment volume growth against a benchmark of competitors.

Issuer Limitations

All users are limited to requests on portfolios with BIDs registered to their user.

Note: Wildcard inputs and regular expression inputs are not supported in the Portfolio Diagnostic API.
If the user does not enter one of the inputs, then the user will receive an error in the response.

How Does it Work?

Issuer Measurement is easy to use. For example, you can:

  1. Submit a request that includes the parameters you would like to analyze, such as:
    1. Month
    2. Product
    3. Issuing Country
  2. Receive back performance statistics about your portfolio and the performance changes for your country market share.

Why Use It?

  • Determine your market share by funding source and platform in markets with sufficient clients to ensure anonymization of the financial institutions
  • Learn if your product portfolios are growing faster than the market
  • Decompose your payment volume growth into the underlying drivers (active cards vs. purchase frequency)

API Included

Portfolio Diagnostic API

The Portfolio Diagnostic API provides access to market share data and performance benchmarking by using an aggregated transaction dataset. 

Code Tables for Account Funding

To make a request comprising of all the codes for a given field, enter all of the values shown in the code tables below. For example, [‘C’,’D’,’H’,’P’,’R’].

Valid Account Funding Source Inputs

Field Name
C Credit  
D Debit
H Charge
P Prepaid
R Deferred Debit

Valid Product Inputs

Code Field Name
A Visa tradidtional
B Visa Traditional Rewards
C Visa Signature
D Visa Signature Preferred
DI Discover
E Proprietary ATM
F Visa Classic
G Visa Business
G1 Visa Signature Business
G3 Visa Business Enhanced
G4 Visa Infinite Business
I Visa Infinite
I1 Visa Infinite Privilege
I2 Visa Ultra High Net Worth
J3 Visa Healthcare
K Visa Corporate T&E
K1 Visa Government Coporate T&E
L Visa Electron
M MasterCard
N Visa Platinum
N1 Visa Rewards
N2 Visa Select
P Visa gold
Q Private Label
Q2 Private Label Basic
Q3 Private Label Standard
Q4 Private Label Enhanced
Q6 Private Lable Premium
R Proprietary
S Visa Purchasing
S1 Visa Purchasing with Fleet
S2 Visa Government Purchasing
S3 Visa Government Purchasing with Fleet
S4 Visa Commercial Agriculture
S5 Visa Commercial Transport
S6 Visa Commercial Marketplace

Error Codes and Responses

Expected error codes include following:

Status Code Description
200 CDI001
Internal Service failure
200 CDI070
Invalid JSON Response
200 CDI071
Request Data Invalid
200 CDI096
No Groups are configured for the requested Business Application ID
200 CDI135
Invalid input, Country can have only cardPresent(0,1,2,null or nothing)
200 CDI137
Invalid Group Name
200 CDI138
Privacy failed
200 CDI139
Invalid month format (Example:201601 for January 2016)
200 CDI147
Invalid input, Group is not mapped to the autogenID
200 CDI150
Invalid input, please give a valid input other than null
200 CDI151
Invalid input, cannot have empty string with valid values
Extreme Failure (System Unavailable)
200 CDI153
Invalid request, Duplicate entry detected in field(s)