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Free to use in Sandbox. Contact Visa for pricing and commercial details to use in Production.

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Enhance consumer trust, streamline data privacy operations and adapt to the evolving regulatory requirements.

The Visa Consent Management Service (VCMS) is a solution that solicits granular, explicit consent from consumers. This enables Visa and our clients to collect user data in consistent, transparent, and intuitive manner. It also helps to address changing regulatory requirements and satisfies best practices using a set of technical APIs. The solution allows clients to manage the lifecycle of a consent (active, paused, revoked, expired) and provides ways to audit the changes made to the consent through this lifecycle.

Key Features

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Empower your user

Enable delivery of explicit and empowering user consent experiences our clients

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Provide transparency

Enable clients to provide transparency to their users with clear and concise information about what data is being collected and how it will be used

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Adapt quickly

Help adapt to the evolving regulatory requirements for collecting and managing user consent

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Support different use cases

Comprehensive consent collection and management service for different types of data collection and processing including financial and non-financial use cases

How It Works

Visa Consent Management Service enables our clients to adapt to the evolving regulatory requirements by capturing and managing granular, explicit, unbundled, time-bound, revocable, opt-in consent for each data request and its audit history. 


Step 1

Consent advisory service

Initial client consultation to determine applicability and suitability of Visa Consent Management Service for client use case(s).

Step Two

Client onboarding

Client fills out consent intake form, which collects the information about the client, use case(s), and other organizations associated with the service client is offering (e.g., data intermediaries).

Step Three

UX implementation guide

Introduce Consent UI/UX design guide that enables the client to build the consent information layout.

Step Four

Client implementation guide

Introduce implementation guide, which helps the client understand the client onboarding process, which includes APIs and real-time notifications integration steps.

Step Five

Consent life cycle management

Client use the consent APIs to save, pause, un-pause and revoke consumer consents. Clients consume the real-time consent notifications for consent life cycle management. 

APIs Included

Consent life cycle management API

The Visa Consent Management Service APIs enable the capture and management of consumer consents, enforcement of consents governance rules, and auditing of consent-related actions. The endpoints will allow you to do the following: save a new consent in Active or Initiated status, view existing consents, pause an Active consent, reactivate a Paused consent, update an existing consent, and revoke an Active consent. Additional functionality includes real-time notifications to the clients and integrated Technology partners for consent status changes.

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