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Secure payment acceptance through software-based POS in the cloud

Visa Acceptance Cloud is pioneering innovation via a software-based cloud infrastructure to democratize acceptance. It provides a secure, modular and service architecture-oriented solution to enable acceptance. This solution eliminates traditional hardware constraints and enables faster and easier deployment of value-added services at the point-of-sale. 

Key Features

cloud keyhole

Reduces time to deployment with lighter certification requirements


Transforms any connected device into a PoS, enabling new payment flows and experiences

value added services

Enables a future integrated ecosystem for value-added services.

Why Use It?

Build net new acceptance

  • Allow consumer-grade mobile devices to accept payments.
  • Enable broad spectrum of acceptance devices.
  • Enable new entrants by removing payments expertise requirement.

Faster time to market

  • Provide enhanced value-added services.
  • Reduce time to market for current gen EMV including updates & 2 gen adoption.
  • Removes payment expertise requirements enabling new market entrants.

Cost reduction 

  • Reduce the burden of PCI compliance.
  • Simplified L2 certification process.

How Does It Work?

  1. Service provider provides EMV kernel configuration for POS devices.
  2. Service provider kernel profile is created through Visa Acceptance Cloud.
  3. Service provider provides participating merchant and store profiles.
  4. Merchant routing rules are created based on merchant processing preference through Visa Acceptance Cloud.
  5. Service provider enrolls POS devices.
  6. Visa Acceptance Cloud generates unique Device IDs for enrolled POS devices.
  7. Service Provider enrollment is completed through Visa Developer Portal.
  8. Purchaser places order.
  9. Merchant application triggers Visa Acceptance Cloud Thin Client SDK to securely transfer payload to Visa Acceptance Cloud.
  10. Visa Acceptance Cloud formats the transaction details appropriately and securely routes the transaction authorization request through participating payment gateway to the processor.
  11. The transaction is then routed to the acquirer to request transaction authorization.
  12. The transaction is authorized or declined by the acquirer.
  13. VIsa Acceptance Cloud returns the message to the merchant.

APIs Included

Kernel Profile API

Kernel Profile API is used to store the EMV Kernel Configurations for POS devices at Visa Acceptance Cloud Gateway.

Merchant Routing Profile API

Merchant Routing Profile API is used to capture the Merchant Routing Configurations and any processing preferences of the Merchant.

Store Profile API

Store Profile API is used to capture the details of the physical location of a store where the devices will be deployed.

Device Enrollment API

Device Enrollment API is used to enroll POS devices with Visa Acceptance Cloud. Provider sends the kernel and merchant profile associated with that device along with the authentication public key information.

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