Visa Crypto APIs

Transforming bank and FinTech products by adding digital currency features.

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  • N. America
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe
  • LAC


Free to use in Sandbox. Contact Visa for pricing and commercial details to use in Production.

bitcoin gold bars

Increase user engagement and new acquisition with crypto—No heavy lifting required

Attract new customers and engage your current base by enabling the buying, selling, and custody of Bitcoin directly from your native product. We take care of all the backend infrastructure, empowering your own unique front-end experience.

Key Features

  • Enable the buying, selling, and custody of digital currency
  • Give your customers the best available market price for the crypto assets they’ve been looking to get in on
  • Answer your customers questions about their crypto asset holdings with our customized service portal solution
  • Access best-in-class technology for secure custody of assets, powered by our partner Anchorage

Why Use It?

  • Unlock new revenue streams by keeping customers interested in digital currency within your product ecosystem
  • Add rewards programs to incentivize users for purchases or engagement with your products and services
  • Scale your business with Visa as your trusted partner in Crypto

Taking the complexity out of investing in crypto

Secure ledger of assets

Real-time price quotes and order execution

User management and customer service support

Our APIs power your unique user experience

UX Screens

View your asset holdings and stay engaged with market trend data

Place buy and sell orders directly from your native mobile app at the best available price

Check order status to ensure your customers stay up-to-date on their holdings

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