Visa Payment Threat Intelligence

Getting Started with Visa Payment Threat Intelligence

Visa Payment Threat Intelligence’s IOCs are compatible with major cybersecurity hardware, software and intelligence platforms – and can be used with existing firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems to help you detect and prevent attacks. Supported formats include JSON, CSV, and STIX.

Things to Know

Visa Payment Threat Intelligence's actionable indicators of compromise (IOCs) enable organizations to develop proactive defense strategies against known threats and avoid future breaches. Visa’s partnerships with law enforcement, unparalleled access to global data and world class talent and technology enable us to provide actionable intelligence and technical recommendations on how to identify and mitigate malicious activity. In numerous instances, Payment Threat Intelligence Alerts and corresponding IOCs provided targeted intelligence reports to clients that were at risk of an ATM cashout or other significant network/fraud events, enabling them to take preventative actions.

  • Visa Payment Threat Intelligence’s IOCs are based on Visa’s visibility into payments data and our analysis of fraud and cyber threat events globally.
  • Visa’s IOCs are payments-focused and unique.
  • False positives are minimized due to Visa’s risk and fraud vetting process.
  •  IOCs are delivered with robust context, and additional detail on the IOCs can be obtained from Visa Payment Systems Intelligence's Visa Online page.
  • Visa’s IOCs are effective for identifying, mitigating, and preventing threats to the payments ecosystem, and can be utilized by all participants in the Visa ecosystem. 



The following table lists the regional availability for Visa Payment Threat Intelligence. To view availability of all products, refer to the Availability Matrix.

North America Asia-Pacific Europe CEMEA LAC Notes
  • Available in entire region
  • Not available
  • See notes for available countries