Getting Started with Visa ReadyLink

Visa ReadyLink (VRL) allows a Visa reloadable prepaid cardholder to add funds to their account from a ReadyLink enabled merchant terminal.  The VRL Merchant Locator API enables cardholders to search for ReadyLink enabled merchant locations. The Visa ReadyLink Merchant Locator API allows the location of participating ReadyLink merchants to be delivered in a user friendly way. 

ReadyLink is only available for reloadable prepaid cards that are enabled to use ReadyLink. The ReadyLink symbol is located on the back of the card. ReadyLink is only available for “Card Present” domestic transactions. ReadyLink merchant locations are only available in the U.S.A. Merchants may set their own fees for cash reloads.

Using Visa ReadyLink Merchant Locator

To use the Visa ReadyLink Merchant Locator API, follow these steps:

  1. Get the authorization header (e.g. wsRequestHeaderV2: requestTs, applicationId, requestMessageId) while calling this API through VDP. ApplicationID should be set to "VRL" only and requestMessageId is set to a random unique value
  2.  Get the location where the user wants to center the search radius. Either geocodes (pair of lat/lon) or single-line address is required. If both are provided, single-line address will be ignored as geocodes is going to be passed as parameter. 
  3. Set the parameters of searching area, then check the results returned from this API.

The Visa ReadyLink Locator returns a list of VRL locations within the specified radius of the request location.  The default search radius is 60 miles (100 kilometers), and the default number of responses is one hundred (100). While a user may configure the radius and the number of responses, increasing the number responses will result in slower results and suboptimal performance.  

Refer to API Reference for more details.

To use the VRL Merchant Locator, you need:

  • Location of the search center, Required, either as a comma separated string containing a single line address of {street, city, state, zip, country} (e.g. “101 Main St, Bigtown, OH, 10040, USA”), or as geo-coordinates (e.g. “Latitude": 37.394664,"Longitude": -122.062304)
  • Search radius, Required, e.g. “distance”:”10” and “distanceUnit”:”mi” (or “km”)
  • Result range, Required, e.g. “start”:”0” and “count”:”5”, list up to 5 VRL locations (index 0 to 4) , starting from the first index "0" one


The following table lists the regional availability for Visa ReadyLink. To view availability of all products, refer to the Regional Availability.

North America Asia-Pacific Europe CEMEA LAC Notes
  • Available in entire region
  • Not available
  • See notes for available countries