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Simplified Dispute Processing

Visa Resolve Online (VROL) is a dispute resolution platform that helps issuers and acquirers manage the dispute life cycle. Users of VROL may retrieve transaction information online, receive financial information related to disputes, exchange information and documentation electronically, submit pre-filing and case filings electronically, receive financial messages, report fraud, and manage Exception File Listings.

What VROL Delivers

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Best practices

VROL brings a depth of experience and innovation to dispute resolution.

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VROL reduces resolution times by focusing on the most relevant information. 

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VROL improves operations by automatically assigning case liability for approximately 80% of disputes for Visa transactions. 

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VROL uses dynamic questionnaires and automation to help ensure successful disputes are processed. 

VROL Benefits

Step 1

Reduced Costs

Financial institutions may realize cost savings through simplified processing, less maintenance costs and a reduction in touchpoints. 

Step Two

Decreased Complexity

Streamlined dispute resolution with an easy workflow that combines intuitive questionnaires, financial processing, fraud reporting and exception file updates in one system.


Step Three

Increased Control

Greater insight into the dispute resolution process with proven workflows. 

Step Four

Improved Data Quality

With access to transaction data, intuitive questionnaires and robust dispute edits, clients will see a reduction in input and output errors. 

Step Six

Enhanced Customer Service

Ability to respond more quickly and thoroughly to customer inquiries with direct access to complete Visa transaction data. 

VROL dispute management services includes: 

    a) Transaction research

    b) Dispute processing

    c) Fraud reporting and maintenance

    d) Exception file listing and maintenance

    e) Electronic information and documentation exchange between issuers and acquirers

    f) Electronic pre-filing and case filing


In addition to the above services, VROL has many optional services, including:


    a) Order Insight® (formerly Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (“VMPI”))

    b) Order Insight Digital®

    c) Rapid Dispute Resolution (“RDR”) 

    d) Visa Risk-based Automated Dispute Service “(VRAD”)

APIs Included

Fraud API

Allows an issuer or an acquirer to add a new fraud report.

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