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Getting Started with Visa Queue Insights

Things To Know

Visa Queue Insights (VQI) offers two modes for functionalities via a simple API call -- Prediction mode and Feedback mode. In Prediction mode, the API delivers the predicted wait times for one merchant at a specific store location. In Feedback mode, the API sends the collected actual wait time back to the machine learning prediction model. The prediction delivery capability can be used independently, however, we would recommend it to be used along with the actual wait time collection functionality.

The VQI API can be used in the sandbox environment, however, the predictions will only be based on synthetic data. Therefore, prediction accuracy may not reflect the actual prediction capability of the API.

To use this API in production, developers must reach out to a Visa representative for initial use case discussions and any collaboration potential. As part of the onboarding process, Visa will work with the developers to create a list of merchant locations for which the prediction will be provided. For Merchants, the list will contain one or more store locations. For ISVs, the list will contain merchants with which the ISV has made prior agreements to access location based transaction level data intelligence.

Licensing agreement and approval process for this API is available as part of the production onboarding. For further information, contact with the subject “Visa Queue Insights API”.


The following table lists the regional availability for Visa Queue Insights. To view availability of all products, refer to the Availability Matrix.

Available in entire region

Limited availability in region

Not available

Region Availability Notes
North America

Visa Queue Insights API

Visa Queue Insights API offers two modes:

Prediction Delivery Mode

This mode provides the ability to send predicted consumer wait time to end user’s external application on their mobile or desktop devices.

Potential use cases for this API can also include reporting capabilities for merchants to better monitor their business, integration with map services, integration with restaurant reservation systems, metric for issuing loyalty and promotional offers, and more.  

Feedback Intake Mode

This mode provides the ability to deliver recorded wait times from end-user application to Visa’s prediction model.

VQI product team highly encourage developers to integrate this feature as part of your product as the collected data points will contribute to improve the accuracy of predictions, which will be reflected in your product.

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Using the Merchant Search API along with Visa Queue Insights will simplify your development process as Visa Queue Insights will be able to correctly identify the merchants to offer predictions. The Merchant Search API will easily help you filter the merchants that you are interested in and let you know whether they accept Visa.

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