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Empowering issuers with control over a full range of payment requests through a direct interface to Visa’s global payment system.

VisaNet Connect – Issuing APIs are a portfolio of VisaNet Connect APIs that provide direct connectivity to VisaNet for issuers to approve and decline payments requested by their cardholders or process clearing requests submitted by acquirers. The VisaNet Connect – Issuing APIs support a broad range of payment types, including point-of-sale, ecommerce, digital wallets, and ATMs. Connectivity to VisaNet is provided via a lightweight, easy-to-integrate set of RESTful APIs. Additionally, VisaNet Connect – Issuing leverages Visa’s HSM-as-a-Service, performing PIN and cryptogram verifications on behalf of the issuer, thereby eliminating the need for the issuer to manage a payment Hardware Security Module (HSM).

Key Features

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Speed to market

Helps bring solutions to market faster with open standards and direct access to VisaNet to authorize, clear, and settle payments.



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Lightweight interface

Simplifies integration efforts with client applications through easy-to-code RESTful APIs using ISO 20022 ATICA naming conventions.

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Reduced PII Footprint

API messages use a PAN alias, which removes PAN from the payment message and may help reduces PCI compliance scope.

How it Works

Step 1

Cardholder payment is routed to Visa: Visa receives the incoming payment request message. Visa either validates CVV, CVV2, iCVV, CAAV, or other cryptographic information on behalf of the issuer, or forwards to the issuer for validation.

Step Two

Visa sends payment request message to issuer: Visa will forward the API message to the issuer. Results of verifications will may be included in the message.


Step Three

Issuer approves or declines payment: with a simplified response, the issuer can approve or decline the incoming payment request.

Step Four

Acquirer receives response: Visa will respond to the acquirer with the payment decision

Step Six

Issuer receives reports from Visa: end-of-day settlement and additional reports will be sent to the issuer.

APIs Used

Authorizations API

Used to request approval of any PAN or token-based transactions.

Completions API

Used to clear a previously approved authorization request, and process various clearing advices. Completed clearing advices will be automatically cleared and settled in the following settlement window.

Advices API

Used to process advices for file updates and non-financial transactions.

Purchases API

Used to request approval for final-amount-known transactions. Approved payments will be automatically cleared and settled in the following settlement window.

Returns API

Used for credit vouchers or merchandise returns. Completed returns will be automatically cleared and settled in the following settlement window.

Inquiries API

Used to validate cardholder information and approve or decline token provisioning requests.


Used to process requests for withdrawals, deposits, balance inquiries, and balance transfers. This API can also be used for PIN change and block/unblock requests.

Adjustments API

Used to process adjustments, fee collections, and fee disbursements. Completed adjustment requests will be automatically cleared and settled in the following settlement window.

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