VisaNet Data Services

Reference data used to accurately process clearing files.

VisaNet Data Services may assist processing centers that send and receive clearing files.  The APIs return the valid values for important data elements such as Merchant Category and Country Codes.

available for use by:

Issuer Banks
Acquirer Banks


Free to use in Sandbox. Contact Visa for pricing and commercial details to use in Production.

Mobile Location Confirmation: Enroll Travel and Transact

Reference data used in processing clearing files

VisaNet Data Services assist Issuer and Acquirer and their processors with the data values to support creation of clearing files, correction of rejected transactions and appropriate interpretation and categorization of transaction data.

Key Features

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Retrieve up-to-date information with lightweight API calls.

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Identify codes that are accepted for interchange qualification.

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Validate payment transaction attributes for returned or rejected transactions.

Why Use It?

VisaNet Data Services gives users the most up-to-date information available to ensure processing integrity. APIs are easy to integrate and reflect the most current data available to VisaNet.

How Does It Work?

VisaNet Data Services APIs allow users to access to reference data needed to interpret Visa clearing information.  APIs allow users to access the most current information used by Visa to identify details of transactions.  Approved users first query individual elements such as Merchant Category, Country, or Currency codes and the APIs return corresponding details.  Results can be used to create mapping tables and for further processing.  Alternatively, entire reference tables can be returned through the API.

APIs Included

Country Code API

Lists the designated country code for every country name. This information helps in determining where transactions occur and in distinguishing between domestic and cross-border transactions for the proper assessment of fees and charges.

Currency Code API

Lists the designated currency code for each country. This information helps identify the monetary value of transactions and to ensure the proper assessment of fees and charges.

Merchant Category Code API

Lists the four-digit Merchant Category Code (MCCs). The MCC corresponds to a description of the merchant’s primary business and is used in determining activity for different merchant segments.

Chargeback Reason Code API

Lists all of the BASE II chargeback reason codes.

Transaction Code API

Lists all of the transaction codes that are accepted for interchange qualification.

Account Range Definitions API

Lists product details for cards within an account range. Account ranges allow processors to identify card attributes such as product subtype and account funding source.

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