Visa Offers Platform


The Visa Offers Platform provides a set of secure APIs that enable you to link your offers to your enrolled customers’ Visa cards.


Who Can Use It?

The Visa Offers Platform is available for participating Visa Issuers in the U.S., as well as participating digital media program providers who host offers and rewards programs for U.S. consumers. To determine your eligibility, contact your Visa representative or email us at


The Visa Offers Platform is a robust, card-linked marketing engine that brings the power of Visa’s payment network to your offers program.

Built on VisaNet, the world’s largest retail electronic payments processing network, the Visa Offers Platform enables you to enhance your loyalty or offers program in new and commanding ways. Our suite of secure APIs enable you to use enrolled Visa card transaction data to close the loop between marketing promotions and actual spend at the physical point of sale.

Consumers enroll an eligible Visa card in your program, activate an offer, and then use their enrolled Visa card to make a qualifying purchase. The Visa Offers Platform sends your application a notification when it identifies a qualifying transaction that matches the offer details you have provided.

Based on appropriate consent that you have secured from your customers, Visa’s suite of offer APIs harness this powerful data to help you reach consumers before, during, and after the transaction.

  • Visa’s Network – Visa has the scale and technology to deliver meaningful value.

  • Online to Offline – Bridge the gap between online offers and offline redemption, at authorization or settlement.

  • Real-time Targeting – Precisely target offers to enrolled customers, based on current purchases and historical spending patterns.

  • Customer Engagement – Allows you to send notifications whenever customers make a qualifying purchase.

  • Seamless Redemption – No coupons, codes or new technology needed at the point of sale.

  • Continuous Dialogue – Communicate with customers as they progress towards frequency based rewards.

  • Precise Measurement – Track offer redemption at the cardholder level.

Request a Visa Offers Platform developer account and apply for access to the Visa Offers Platform to learn how you may be able to integrate Visa card-linked offers into your web or mobile application.