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The Visa Offers Platform provides digital media Program Providers with access to Visa transaction data, generated in real time. By integrating with Visa Offers Platform, Program Providers can enhance their own loyalty and offers programs in new and powerful ways.

With appropriate cardholder consent, Visa Offers Platform enables precise targeting of offers based on individual purchase activity. After offers are delivered, Program Providers can use Visa Offers Platform transaction data to track qualifying purchases, provide immediate purchase confirmations to cardholders and determine the appropriate rewards or loyalty points to fulfill.

The following resources are available to you during your integration. If a document below is listed but cannot be clicked to download, the document cannot be downloaded off the site directly. Instead, you must contact the support team at to request access to the resource.



SOAPUI Sandbox Installation Guide

Visa Developer Center provides access to the sandbox environment, where client developers can test all public APIs. The sandbox serves as a main testing tool to connect to Visa environment. Additionally, the sandbox demonstrates common API behavior where each web service is configured to return success or various types of errors, depending on the request parameters.

SOAPUI Sandbox Test Project

VOP SOAPUI Sandbox test project is provided to illustrate basic functionality of all VOP public web services. The test suite included contains request samples for successful requests, as well as various types of errors and exceptions.

Public Web Services WSDL, v6

Public Web Services WSDL, v6

Getting Started

Program Overview, Authorization for Access to Visa Real Time Messaging Data, Enrollment Life Cycle, Express Enrollment Life Cycle, Offer Life Cycle, SOAP Message Format, Web Service On-boarding, Visa Digital Signing Certificate.

Visa Offers Platform Implementation Guide

General Implementation Guide

Public Web Services WSDL, v7

Public Web Services WSDL, v7

Statement Credit API reference

Overview, SaveStatementCredit, Outbound message