The future of Visa Next

One of the features of Visa Next are API solution kits that aim to allow card issuers, banks, and fintechs to provide cutting edge products to their customers. Examples include digital payments, shared access to digital cards, and more. All with the benefit of Visa capabilities, many of which were designed to enable more secure transactions.
We want to help card issuers enable their Visa cardholders to share access to their digital cards with others.
Visa offers tools to enable card issuers to help their consumers manage their finances seamlessly across a number of devices and to share access to their digital cards with different people- all with Visa capabilities.
We’ve created a sneak peek into how we see the future of payment capabilities. The case study below shows how Visa Next API solutions could enable ‘shared access’ capabilities for customers.

Case Study

Shared Account Access: Meet Alex and Stacey

Alex's daughter Stacey wants to buy some new boots. Instead of handing Stacey $100 cash or his physical bank Visa card, Alex just opens his bank app on his smartphone, taps on the Shared Access option and quickly provides Stacey access to his digital card.

Alex doesn't want to give Stacey unlimited access to his card so he sets up card limits and access controls. He limits Stacey's access to 7 days and sets her purchase limit to$100. Alex receives an access code then chooses to opt in to notifications for transactions so he can see her purchases and spending in real time.


Stacey receives the notification that her father wants to share his account access. She requests the access code. Once she gets it, she enters the code and adds her credentials. Now she can go shopping!

Alex can relax knowing his daughter can have fun shopping and he doesn’t have to worry she’ll be over spending since he created card limits and access controls. Alex receives a notification each time Stacey makes a purchase and he can easily manage or change her shared access settings anytime.

Ready to get started?

Disclaimer: Programs, concepts and details under continuing development. Benefits depend on implementation details and business factors. Case study and depictions are illustrative only and use of capabilities and features are subject to Visa’s terms and conditions and eligibility criteria and may require development, implementation and resources by you based on your business and operational details, as well as processor participation and BIN sponsorship.