Credential-on-file Experience

Enhanced Transparency and Control over Credential-on-file Payments

Optimized for:

Visibility into credential-on-file updates provided to participating merchants

With the growth of online commerce and bill pay, cardholders are increasingly adding their payment information to new online accounts.
This has made it difficult for cardholders to keep track of which merchants have their card on file. When the card holder receives a new card, it is challenging to update the information with every merchant. This may cause the cardholder to miss a recurring payment or experience a decline. With Visa Account Updater Service, your cardholders can be provided with access to view the merchants that obtained updated card information through Visa Account Updater.

Control over recurring payments

Many people set up auto-pay billing so they don’t forget to pay monthly bills. Give your cardholders the ability to quickly and easily stop these payments. With Visa’s  Preauthorized Payment Cancellation Service, your cardholder can initiate a stop payment request through their banking app.

Cardholder Benefits

 View list of merchants that received updated card information

Quickly and easily initiate a stop payments request with select merchants

Help avoid disruption in service due to outdated card information on file

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