Enable Generation of Dynamic CVV2 Codes for Use with Token Provisioning

Enable generation of dynamic CVV2 codes on request via an issuer’s website to use when requesting a token.

Visa dCVV2 Generate enables issuers to request dynamic CVV2 codes for cardholders to use when provisioning a token prior to receiving the plastic card. 

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Instant token provisioning for contactless transaction processing

Digital issuance of cards allows issuers to give real-time account access to their customers, but the static CVV2 codes associated with those cards is not always available instantly.  With the use of the Visa dCVV2 Generate service, issuers can request a dynamic CVV2, allowing for immediate token provisioning for contactless payment with their mobile device at merchant locations – without the plastic card. 

For more details, refer to Dynamic CVV2 Generate and Authenticate.

Dynamic Codes Usage Scenario

Sarah is a new customer of the issuer, and has requested a card via the bank’s website.  The issuer approves her application and issues a new card, and at the same time also requests a dCVV2 code using Visa dCVV2 Generate. The website then displays the card number, expiration date, and dCVV2 on the webpage and notifies her that her card can be used as soon as she loads it on her mobile device.   

step 1

Apply for a New Credit Card

Responding to an offer received via e-mail, Sarah clicks a link and applies for a new credit card with the issuer.

step 2

Issuer Approves Card

The issuer approves her application and issues Sarah a new card.

step 3

Issuer Requests Dynamic Codes

At the same time, the issuer requests a dCVV2.

step 4

Setup Contactless Payment Capabilities

The screen displays Sarah’s new card information, including the account number, expiration date, and dCVV2, and notifies Sarah that she can use the information displayed to load her card onto her mobile device for immediate use to process contactless transactions.

step 5

Enable Tokenization on Mobile Device

Sarah uses the information to set up contactless payment capabilities on her mobile device.

step 6

Use Mobile Device to Pay

Sarah visits her local store and uses her mobile device to pay for her groceries.

Key Benefits for Issuers


Allows the cardholder to request a token immediately upon issuance of a digital account, enabling contactless transactions immediately.

Key Benefits for Cardholders

digital card

Allows digital card to be used right away via their mobile device.

API Included

dCVV2 Generate Request API

This API is used to request between 1 and 24 dCVV2 values and have those values returned.

Learn more about Visa dCVV2 Generate and Authenticate

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