Use Visa's digital payment service to enhance payment acceptance on your website with a simple JavaScript integration.


Start building your Visa Checkout experience and test it in our sandbox environment.


Quickly build and implement the Visa Checkout digital payment service into your iOS and Android apps.


Visa supports technology companies who work with merchants to enable eCommerce and mCommerce.

What Is It

Visa Checkout is a digital payment service designed to simplify the checkout experience using a secure, single sign-on across channels and devices using a customer's preferred payment method.

Who Can Use It

Developers can sign up for a free Visa Checkout Developer Center account and build a test implementation using our sandbox environment. For information on how to migrate a sandbox integration to the Visa Checkout production environment, please see the "Going Live" section below. Some of Visa's key requirements are:

If you are a merchant that is not PCI-DSS compliant or do not have a Merchant Account, we recommend that you work with Authorize.Net as your payment service provider.


  • Secure - Visa Checkout uses multiple layers of security, including fraud-monitoring systems and encrypted tokens using SHA256 hash algorithms to help keep payment information safe.
  • Open - Visa Checkout accepts any major credit or debit card so customers can check-out easily and securely using the payment method they use today on your site.
  • Simple - Integrating Visa Checkout is easy and requires only a few simple HTML and JavaScript tags. Test your setup in our sandbox environment, which mirrors our production environment.
  • Community - Join a growing community of commerce developers and get the support you need.

How It Works

Visa Checkout integrates with your website's checkout experience. A standard integration follows these steps:

  1. On your cart page, the customer selects Visa Checkout as the payment method, which loads the Visa Checkout Payment Widget over your page served securely by Visa Checkout.
  2. The customer is then prompted to sign in or create an account with Visa Checkout.
  3. Your customer reviews the payment information within the Visa Checkout Payment Widget and clicks the continue button.
  4. Control of the order is returned to your website and the consumer submits the order.
  5. You confirm the purchase to Visa Checkout when you display the final page of your checkout flow.

Going Live

Once you have built a test implementation using our sandbox environment and are ready to go live, you can sign up for a business center account by clicking on the "Go to Business Center" link in the Developer Center. Requests for Visa Checkout production accounts are subject to review and approval by Visa and prior to going live, an agreement with Visa governing your participation in Visa Checkout is required.

For more information, or if you have specific questions, please contact us at