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The Consumer Enrollment API allows Visa clients and technology providers to efficiently and securely enroll their customers in


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Who Can Use It

To use the Consumer Enrollment API, you must be a Visa principal member that issues Visa branded credit or debit cards, or have specific approval from Visa. Final deployment is also subject to approval by Visa. To determine your eligibility, contact your Visa representative or email us at


The Consumer Enrollment API is a way to simplify enrollment in that maintains the existing relationship between a consumer and their financial institution. At the same time, it creates opportunities for clients to add value to their consumer's shopping experience. It can help you:

  • Reduce friction for consumers who want to use checkout services and enroll issuer cards within
  • Drive consumer adoption and transactional growth for participating partners and issuers
  • Enable co-branding opportunities for clients within the consumer experience, including reinforce branding throughout enrollment, registration and purchase.
  • Provide a platform for future enhancements for consumers, such as transactional alerts based in payment preferences.

How It Works

The consumer enrollment flow for provides a seamless handoff from a client site to, where the consumer confirms their payment information and subsequently creates a account.

  1. A consumer clicks relevant call to action to sign up for through a client website or mobile device.
  2. Cardholder data is securely transmitted to Visa, in real time through a secure API.
  3. Consumers are redirected to a user flow hosted by Visa to enroll or sign in to by Visa.
  4. Consumers are asked to confirm the cards they want to add to
  5. Consumers are presented with a confirmation of cards added and given the opportunity to see the merchants accepting or manage their account.