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Display and provide installment plans to eligible customers

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Free to use in Sandbox. Contact for Production fees. Product terms located at end of the page.

Transaction service

Driving customer acquisition, loyalty, and retention

The Installments Transaction Service allows you to offer Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) plans to your customers through a set of APIs or on ISO. The plans can be offered pre-purchase, during, or post-purchase and give consumers the opportunity to pay for qualifying purchases over time. For you, it means attracting and retaining a larger customer base with a seamless user experience that is scalable and cost effective. For your customers, it means more flexibility and control over how and when they choose to pay for goods and services.

Key Features for Sellers

Access all installment plans

Visa's existing, reliable network

  • Access to all installment plans set up by issuers for eligible cardholders.
  • Proven reliability, scalability, and financial stability.
  • No additional credit approval = frictionless checkout experience.
Shopping cart

Flexibility in Options

  • Supports online, in-store, and mobile in-app purchases.
  • Can provide more flexible payment options to consumers.
Frictionless checkout

Customer Acquisition & Conversion

  • Helps drive sales conversion by enabling Visa installments, available across a wide range of cards.
  • Helps reduce Cart Abandonment by providing your shopper with flexible payment options available on their existing card.
  • Attract consumers who prefer BNPL payment options.

VIS Design Resources

Follow the best practices outlined in our UX templates to create an optimal VIS checkout experience that can improve conversion rates, drive more traffic, and provide a better shopping experience.

APIs Included

Matched Candidates API

This API determines the eligibility of a cardholder for the installments offer.

Matched Candidates Batch Request API

This API allows you to check the eligibility of cardholders for installments to pre-qualify cardholders in batch.

Matched Candidates Batch Results API

This API allows you to retrieve the list of eligible installment candidates from an issuer's pre-approved list of qualified cardholders in a batch request.

Eligible Installment Plans API

This API displays the installment plans a cardholder is eligible for.

Plan Selection API

This API sends the installment plan option selected by the cardholder back to Visa.

Plan Cancellation API

This API allows you to cancel a previously active installment plan and send it back to Visa.

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