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Using Payment Account Attributes Inquiry

Payment Account Attributes Inquiry enables the caller to look up information about a payment account that may be needed as part of a funds transfer.

The Payment Account Attributes Inquiry service consists of the Fund Transfer Inquiry API that lets you look up important attributes of a Visa account that you may need to know in order to successfully implement your project. 

Key Features

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Retrieve information about a payment account.

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Provide a customized user experience.

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Have confidence when transferring funds.

Why Use It?

Aid Funds Transfer Transactions

The Funds Transfer Attributes Inquiry API works in conjunction with the Visa Direct Funds Transfer API. It provides clients with key characteristics of recipient accounts that are needed to initiate a push-payment as well as apply the necessary compliance logic.

How Does It Work?

Payment Account Attributes Inquiry consists of Funds Transfer Attributes Inquiry API. The API takes the primary account number (PAN) as input and return a variety of attributes associated with the payment account.

APIs Included

Funds Transfer Attributes Inquiry

The Funds Transfer Attributes Inquiry API is often used with a funds transfer to/from a Visa payment account to determine key characteristics of a recipient card before initiating the transfer, such as country, card type, block status, etc.

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