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Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

CIBC uses Foreign Exchange Rates for “Travel Tools,” its mobile app feature that provides customers with real-time foreign currency costs when making purchases abroad.

“We’re continuously evolving our mobile technology to provide a more personalized banking experience for clients..."

—Steve Webster, VP Travel Cards


DragonPass allows eligible Visa cardholders to easily check for lounge access and other travel benefits on its airport companion app via the Payment Account Validation and Payment Account Attributes Inquiry APIs.

 "By leveraging Visa’s APIs, DragonPass allows more seamless verification for Visa cardholders when they check for eligibility and access travel benefits.”  

—Mr. Vincent Wang, Product Director


Ecobank uses Visa Direct to support mobile app features that allow customers to shop cash-free with QR codes and send money to anyone in and across 33 African countries.

“Access to Visa sandbox APIs was very helpful during integration and sandbox testing. With the Visa Developer Platform, it’s easier for banks and developers to test and integrate faster."

—Godwill Kwame Dodzi Agbleze, Group Card Operations

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Fidelity Bank Plc

Fidelity Bank Plc uses Visa Direct to let customers make digital payments by scanning a QR code at point of sale with the scan to pay feature of their mobile app.

“Working with the Visa Developer Center was unbelievably helpful to us in our Fidelity Scan to Pay implementation. The content was concise and well-structured, and the sample requests helped cut development time."

—Godwill Kwame Dodzi Agbleze, Group Card Operations

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Finix Payments

Finix Payments uses Visa Direct to power the Finix push-to-card (P2C) platform that enables real-time debit card payouts for businesses, replacing traditional, slower methods such as paper checks and ACH transfers.

“Visa’s set of developer friendly API’s was built without the complexities traditionally associated with legacy solutions, which has helped us speed up the integration process of moving money in real time and equip our customers with a more robust solution."

—Richie Serna, CEO and Co-Founder 

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Flutterwave uses Payment Account Attributes Inquiry, Foreign Exchange Rates and Visa Direct to bring the convenience of new features like digital payments to consumers across Africa and beyond.

“The mVisa API and the accompanying SDK for QR parsing work like magic! It not only works perfectly well, it's so easy to integrate.”

—Hamza Fetuga, Lead Android Developer

Groupe BPCE

Groupe BPCE uses Foreign Exchange Rates and Visa Global ATM Locator to provide additional, more convenient services for customers that frequently engage in cross-border transactions.

"These were simple features, easy to understand by the final user and very convenient on a daily basis. In a nutshell, perfectly in line with our project specifications.”

—Marine Pasdeloup, Model Owner Selfcare & Card Management

Hanseatic Bank

Hanseatic Bank uses Visa Transaction Controls to offer new features that enhance the capabilities of their mobile banking app, including card blocking, transaction alerts and real-time balance information.

"The documentation we received left almost nothing open to question and support was always available. We used the provided SDK as a foundation for development and are very happy with the results.”

—Marc-Alexander Glück, IT Architect

HST Software Solutions HOLD

Hanseatic Bank uses Visa Transaction Controls to offer new features that enhance the capabilities of their mobile banking app, including card blocking, transaction alerts and real-time balance information.

"The documentation we received left almost nothing open to question and support was always available. We used the provided SDK as a foundation for development and are very happy with the results.”

—Marc-Alexander Glück, IT Architect


Hyperwallet uses Visa Direct to power their transfer to debit card capabilities to create an efficient and frictionless payout experience.

"Visa Developer enabled our development team to efficiently integrate Visa Direct as a real-time payout option, furthering our commitment to provide global payees with faster, more convenient access to their money."

—Bill Crowley, Head of Global Innovation

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Impesa incorporates several Visa APIs into Layla, a white label, smart virtual agent for financial institutions.

“Our strategic partnership with Visa provides an easier way to go to market through frictionless integration with the banks we work with."

— Mario Hernandez, CEO

Ingo Money

Ingo Money incorporates Visa Direct into its network of networks to facilitate real-time1 funds disbursement capabilities to eligible debit, reloadable prepaid or credit card, mobile wallets, and even physical cash-out locations.

"Visa Developer provided clear and helpful API documentation that made it fast and easy for Ingo Money to implement Visa Direct as part of its ‘push payments in a box’ approach, capable of sending real-time, good funds2 to more than 4.5 billion consumer accounts, including Visa cardholders.”

—Lisa McFarland, Chief Product Officer

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Interswitch uses Foreign Exchange Rates, Payment Account Attributes Inquiry, Payment Account Validation and Visa Direct to enable digital payments in the mobile apps they develop for Nigerian banks.

 “The Visa Developer Platform was very simple to use, it was rich with documentation on how to go about the integration process and it was very well organized in general."

— Thomas Matthew, Software Architect

John Paul

John Paul uses Visa Card Eligibility Service and Visa Global ATM Locator APIs in their white label concierge app to improve Visa cardholder experiences and increase loyalty for issuers.

“Thanks to Visa APIs, we’re able to provide each user with a personalized experience based on their card and issuing bank which makes the app really powerful.”

— Mehdi Boumendjel, Design Director

Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank uses Visa Global ATM Locator and Foreign Exchange Rates in their mobile banking app to create a more seamless travel experience for customers.

"It's [Visa Developer Platform] intuitive, utilizes common data structures and protocols so it's easy to implement client endpoints. If it gets complicated there is always a guide to help us through."

—Ander Bloch, IT Architect


Keyno used Visa’s dynamic CVV2 (dCVV2) APIs to provide a turnkey and easy to implement fraud prevention solution for Visa card issuers.

Michigan State University Federal Credit Union

Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) uses Mobile Location Confirmation and Visa Transaction Controls to provide its members with added fraud protection and the ability to lock and unlock their Visa cards through the MSUFCU mobile app.

“As consumers can be selective and make choices based on their evolving needs, MSUFCU sought innovative technology to ensure we remain competitive and differentiated in a market inundated with options.”

—Sara Dolan, Chief Financial Officer

National Australia Bank (NAB)

NAB used Visa APIs to build a convenient, educational mobile app that enhances the travel experience for their customers, giving them a variety of travel features, including local tips, overseas card settings, currency conversion, and more.

"Having direct access to developers at Visa means we’re able to respond quicker, work smarter and do things differently and better for our customers."

—Jon Davey, Executive General Manager

Pulse iD

Pulse iD, a location-based identity platform for customer engagement, uses Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center to power “Catalyst”, its web portal for app owners that allows them to alert customers of relevant offers nearby.

“Pulse iD has been rapidly scaling across APAC, our partnership with Visa has helped us navigate a very complex landscape.”

—Alex Topaloski, CEO

University of Wisconsin Credit Union

University of Wisconsin Credit Union (UWCU) uses Mobile Location Confirmation to power the mobile travel verification feature of its app to increase the likelihood that customer debit and credit card transactions will be approved.

“By introducing the mobile travel verification feature to cardholders using the Mobile Location Confirmation API, we increased member satisfaction by reducing false-positive ratios, increased utilization by approving more valid transitions and decreased operating costs by lowering the number of opened fraud cases."

—Carma Atkinson, Director of Card Programs

U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank uses Mobile Location Confirmation as an opt-in feature of their mobile app to help prevent false declines for travelers by verifying if a customer’s mobile device and credit or debit card are in the same location.

“During the holiday season, consumers frequently make large purchases outside of known locations when traveling, and the location services feature gives our customers more control of their card activity, both domestically and internationally.”

—John Steward, President, Retail Payment Solutions


Xendit uses CyberSource Payments to tokenize sensitive card information for businesses using their payment services gateway.

"Our customers enjoy being able to provide their users with a quick way to enter card details, without the need to redirect to other pages or use iFrames.”

—Joe Contini, Head of Cards

Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank uses Visa Mobile Push Payments to power its scan to pay app, with the goal of providing a fast, simple and secure way of making payments by scanning QR codes with a smart phone.

“Due to challenges inherent in our market most especially for POS (power and network availability), the mVisa solution provided a cost-effective way to drive adoption of alternative payment methods.”

—Francis Chukwunyem, CIO

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