Visa Biometric Authenticator App

Aiming for fast, secure and convenient authentication to counter online payments fraud.

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Free to use in Sandbox. Contact Visa for pricing and commercial details to use in Production.

Multi-factor authentication for high-risk online purchases to reduce fraud

Visa Biometric Authenticator App is a white-label, turnkey mobile app solution offered to Issuers. The solution allows cardholders to verify their high-risk e-commerce transactions, using device biometric authentication, securely and conveniently within the mobile app. An important component of this solution is the Visa Biometric Authenticator App API. The Issuer’s Access Control Server (ACS) provider needs to integrate with this VBAA API to route the requests for two-factor authentication to the Visa Biometric Authenticator App and to receive the result. Visa may enhance the solution in the future to support other consumer authentication scenarios.

Key Features


Platform and geography independent

VBAA is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It is available in all regions around the world, subject to regulatory guidance.

Visa card

Support for multiple card networks

The app supports authentication for transactions performed using multiple card networks, including Visa.

biometric method

Support for multiple device biometric methods

The app supports the following device biometric methods: Touch id & Face ID on iOS and Fingerprint, Iris & Face Unlock on Android.

Easy to setup

Easy to set up

Cardholders can enroll into the app with just a few simple steps.

Security shield

Easy to use, fast and secure

The app is easy to use. Authentication through the app is designed to be fast and secure. The app has built-in capabilities to prevent access in case of a compromised device. The API connectivity is protected by high standards of encryption.

Simple API

Clearly defined, simple API spec

The API specification is designed to be easy to implement for the Access Control Server (ACS) Providers.

Why Use It?

Issuer Benefits:

  • VBAA can strengthen security via two-factor authentication and has the potential to help minimize online payments fraud.
  • The Issuers have very little work to implement this product, compared to developing it themselves.
  • In most cases, using VBAA can help the Issuers achieve a faster time to market, with high cost-efficiency.


Cardholder Benefits:

  • Visa Biometric Authenticator App provides cardholders a quick, easy and secure authentication experience at their fingertips.
  • Use of VBAA may increase cardholder confidence while shopping online.
  • Cardholders may be able to use the app for other authentication use cases in future.

APIs Included

Visa Biometric Authenticator App API

The Visa Biometric Authenticator App API (VBAA API) helps the Access Control Server (ACS) providers to send biometric challenge requests to the Visa Biometric Authenticator App platform and get the user response back. This API helps the ACS providers to make an authentication decision on an online transaction, when additional verification is required due to the risk level of the transaction.

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