Visa Cardholder Transaction Scores

Make better credit, portfolio management, and marketing decisions with creditworthiness scores.

Visa Cardholder Transaction Scores are PAN-level creditworthiness scores that use transaction and authorization data to help predict the likelihood that a customer will become delinquent.

available for use by:

Issuer Banks


Free to use in Sandbox. Contact Visa for pricing and commercial details to use in Production.

Manage credit portfolio growth more effectively

Visa Cardholder Transction Scores allow you to improve and refine your risk evaluation methods by using insights that are not available in credit bureau reports and therefore complement traditional credit variables. 

Key Features

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Improve cross-selling

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Increase approval rates

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Optimize credit line management strategies

Why Use It?

  • Identify your most creditworthy debit cardholders who are more likley to respond to an offer of credit.
  • Expand approval rates by identifying the lowest risk cardholders within your customer base of the underbanked or those with limited credit history.
  • Grow your existing portfolio by providing line increases to more credit cardholders.

How Does It Work?

The Visa Cardholder Transaction Scores API is easy to use. You can:

  • Submit a request that specifies whether you would like scores for your debit and/or credit card portfolio, or a subset of your existing cards.
  • Receive PAN-level creditworthiness scores and incorporate them into your credit and marketing decisions.

APIs Included

Query by Parameter Range

Specify the parameters on which to receive card-level scores.

Query By Cards

Specify the group of cards for which to receive card-level scores.

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