Visa Digital Enablement Lite App

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Getting Started with Visa Digital Enablement Lite App

About Digital Enablement Lite App

The Visa Digital Enablement (VDE) Lite App is a standalone, white-label solution that enables cardholders to push card credentials into Apple Pay (for iOS users) or Google Wallet (for Android users) without the need to download a client's mobile app. This efficient user experience facilitates quick and seamless execution of targeted tasks like provisioning to a digital wallet, thereby enabling immediate use of the card.

The VDE Lite App supports almost any tokenized debit, credit, and prepaid card program, provided the client's issuer/processor supports Visa Token Services or the token service of the respective network. 

The VDE Lite App is integrated with Digital Issuance or other card distribution scenarios and can facilitate a variety of digital use cases. 


Issuer Benefits

  • Helps enable instant push provisioning use cases   
    • The VDE Lite App can help enable instant push provisioning of cards to support immediate issuance, one-time use, or multiple other use cases where a full mobile app may not be needed. 
  • Fast and simple to deploy
    • Jump-start usage—card can be enabled immediately to be used for payments using participating Pay wallets
    • Can link to or complement a primary mobile banking app
    • Enables faster speed to market with push provisioning
    • Can help increase payment volume - Helps reduce fraud and improve authorization rates with the use of tokens

Cardholder Benefits

  • Delight cardholders with a seamless experience
  • Full app download not required
  • Quickly perform target action of push provisioning 

Things to Know

App Clips™ (iOS) and Instant Apps (Android™) are mini software programs designed for quick, frictionless tasks. The VDE Lite App uses these to enable cardholders to add card credentials to Apple Pay® (iOS) or Google Wallet™ (Android) for immediate use, without needing to download a client's mobile app.

The Visa Digital Enablement (VDE) Lite App is a standalone, white-labeled solution used solely for provisioning to Apple Pay and Google Wallet. When paired with Digital Issuance or other card distribution scenarios, it can enable a variety of digital use cases and support any tokenized debit, credit, or prepaid card program.

The initiation of the VDE Lite App functionality requires an encrypted payload URL, which can be created by the client or via the VDE Lite App URL Generation API. Through VDP, Visa concatenates card information like PAN and expiry date or Card ID, and provides the encrypted payload in URL format. Clients can distribute this URL to their cardholders, or Visa can send it via email on behalf of the client.

The VDE Lite App offers a secure, seamless way for cardholders to transfer their card details to their device's payment wallet(s) or payment provider, eliminating manual entry or the need for a mobile app. The addition of the VDE Lite App URL Generation API product can help clients significantly reduce software development complexity and cost.

At the end of the provisioning process, the cardholder is given the option to download the client's full mobile app thus potentially driving engagement and usage of the app.

How Does It Work?

Clients must have a VDP agreement for the VDE Lite App to use the URL Generation API. The VDE Lite App, a standalone, white-labeled solution, enables provisioning to Apple Pay® or Google Wallet™. Clients can self-publish or Visa can publish on their behalf using App Clips and Instant App files.

The Lite App's provisioning is initiated via an encrypted payload URL, sent to the cardholder through various channels. Accessing the URL on a mobile device launches the App Clips/Instant App experience, enabling card provisioning to Apple Pay or Google Wallet. Identity verification may be required during this process.

Clients can create the encrypted payload URL in-house following Visa’s specifications. It contains all necessary cardholder data for the App Clips/Instant App experience and provisioning process. Encryption is managed using JWE/JWS with “Shared Secrets” provided by Visa.

The VDE Lite App supports the ‘Visa Universal Card ID’, an independent service enabled through the Visa Universal Card Enrollment API. For clients lacking technical resources, Visa offers the VDE Lite App URL Generation API to create the encrypted payload.

The encrypted payload can be returned to the client for distribution to cardholders or sent by Visa on the client’s behalf. Identity verification of the cardholder is required before completing the provisioning process, either using the client's method or a Visa-provided service.

Before implementing the VDE Lite App services, clients must confirm certain prerequisites listed above. Clients must also host a video of the VDE Lite App experience for the Google Team's review.

For any issues or questions relating to the VDE Lite App URL Generation API, please contact [email protected]


1.BINs must be configured to support tokenization for Apple Pay and/or Google Wallets

2.The card must be in a state that allows a token provisioning request and related authorizations to be approved. This may mean that the card needs to be indicated as active or digitally active on issuer or processing systems.