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Free to use in Sandbox. Contact Visa for pricing and commercial details to use in Production.

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Implementing push provisioning is now easier than ever

It's now easier than ever to instantly digitally activate newly issued cards, or accelerate adoption of mobile payment wallets for an existing card portfolio.

Visa In-App Provisioning can help issuers or issuing solution providers more easily implement a "Add to Apple1, Google2 or Samsung Pay3" button in native banking applications. An encrypted card data payload is generated for the issuers or issuing solution providers that's formatted for any of Apple, Google or Samsung native provisioning specifications. The service helps eliminate backend software development complexity as well as expensive and complex server infrastructure to store encryption keys.

For Fintechs and issuing solution partners Visa In-App Provisioning solves additional complexity by securely storing BIN sponsor Issuer keys.  This capability can enable solution builders or Fintechs that need to support mobile provisioning but otherwise cannot, or do not wish to, directly access a sponsor bank's encryption keys. The service also supports separation of initial card-enrollment from the provisioning request. This additional flexibility can enable provisioning from client applications that do not store or directly handle sensitive 16-digit PAN information.

Key Features

Secure encryption key storage and management

Card enrollment and use of universal card ID for PAN aliasing

Pre-tested end-to-end with the Pay wallets

Why Use It?

Visa In-App Provisioning API helps developers easily implement push-provisioning capability to Apple, Google & Samsung Pay from a banking app. 


Eliminates software development complexity
Single integration enables 3 pay wallets
Eliminates encryption key management costs for provisioning
Faster time to market
High availability and scalability
Enables fintechs to participate

How Does It Work?

Visa In-App Provisioning supports Universal Card Enrollment and In-App Provisioning for Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Universal Card Enrollment API enables Visa clients to digitally register accounts with Visa in realtime. Once registered, client developers receive back a universal card identifier, that can be used inter-operably for accessing certain other Visa services like Visa In-App Provisioning without directly having to handle sensitive PAN data or without having to re-register and maintain card data repetitively across multiple Visa products in the future. 

In-App Provisioning APIs enables clients to request encrypted card data using the universal card identifier from Universal Card Enrollment API. Clients can pass this encrypted card data payload to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay wallet for tokenization. This token then becomes active on the Pay Wallet and is pushed to the consumer's device.


APIs Included

Universal Card Enrollment

Enroll and manage cards and customers in Visa. Card management end points allow you to enroll card for a customer, enroll card without a customer, get card details and delete a card. Customer management is optional and the end points allow you to create a customer, update customer attributes, get customer details and delete a customer.

In-App Provisioning for Apple Pay

In-App Provisioning for Apple Pay generates encrypted card data payload that can be passed to Apple Pay for tokenization.

In-App Provisioning for Google Pay

In-App Provisioning for Google Pay generates encrypted card data payload that can be passed to Google Pay for tokenization.

In-App Provisioning for Samsung Pay

In-App Provisioning for Samsung Pay generates encrypted card data payload that can be passed to Samsung Pay for tokenization.

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1 Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries

2 Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.

3 Samsung Pay is a trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.