Visa Subscription Manager Product Terms

Visa Subscription Manager Product Terms

Feb. 28 2024

Product Terms for AP, LAC and CEMEA

Company may use Visa Subscription Manager (“VSM”) solely for the purpose of supporting subscription management for its Cardholders via Company’s mobile or online banking app.

Company must: (a) implement all APIs of VSM at the same time; (b) use and enable all VSM APIs for mobile and online banking users of its Application; and (c) not implement, use or enable only selective VSM APIs under any circumstances.

If the Company is participating in only one of either the Visa Token Service or the Visa Account Updater, Company understands that its experience with the Card-on-File Data Inquiry API will be limited to such participation.

Company’s use of the VSPS APIs within VSM is subject to Company’s ongoing participation in VSPS and completion of all applicable enrollment documentation required by Visa. 

Without limiting any other VSPS requirement as set forth in the Rules, Company understands that usage of the VSPS APIs within VSM does not remove any obligation of the Cardholder to meet payment terms or any other agreement with the Merchant, including but not limited to informing the Merchant the Cardholder wishes to cancel the respective service.