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Empower cardholders with digital experiences that help monitor and manage subscription payments.

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Free to use in Sandbox. Contact Visa for fees in Production. Product Terms below.

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Empower cardholder digital experiences to review and manage unwanted subscription payments

Visa Subscription Manager (VSM) enables Visa card issuers to provide their cardholders a comprehensive view of participating merchants where their card is stored and stop card-on-file recurring payments from being authorized, cleared, or settled through VisaNet. This service can help provide Visa issuers with subscription management capabilities within their mobile applications, where cardholders can view and manage all their recurring payments. This includes subscriptions like streaming services, food delivery or magazines, memberships like gym or loyalty club memberships, bill payments like utilities etc.

Key Features

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Monitor all card-on-file payments

Review all card not present transactions on merchants that have stored credentials based on the last 13 months of transaction data.

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Identify subscription payments

Identify and present a view of all subscription payments.

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Manage unwanted payments

Pause/ stop unwanted subscription payments. 

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Restart subscription payments

Restart payments to allow  service resubscription.

How It's Used

Offers a Wealth of Potential Benefits to Issuers

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  • Protect top-of-wallet status by proactively managing card-on-file in the case of re-issuance.
  • Reduce call volumes to call center to free up valuable agent time.
  • Increased usage of digital channels for everyday banking, driving brand affinity
    and customer loyalty.
  • Helps issuers address national payment regulation requirements.
  • Reduce the number of chargebacks needed to dissatisfied cardholders.
  • Provides access to performance monitoring and reporting tools for
    stop instructions. 

Can Benefit Acquirers, Too

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  • Provides acquirers and their merchants with descriptive authorization decline response codes and return reason codes.
  • Helps reduce chargebacks and authorization declines by providing information that a stop instruction is on file.
  • Encourages consistent handling of stop payment instructions and revocation of authorization orders.

Can help provide Cardholders with Convenience, Visibility and Control

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  • Help customers feel confident about where their details are stored and how it’s used.
  • Enable transparency for customers regarding their finances. 
  • Customer delight in new time-saving journeys,
  • Helps protect customers from fraud and risk.
  • Introduce customer control of their everyday transactions and direct debits.

Visa Subscription Manager Solutions

Visa offers multiple solutions to enable subscription management. Please see below for further information.

Visa Subscription Manager APIs

Unique Benefits

  • Build digital solutions with flexiibility and control
  • Customized user experience
  • Simple and fast integration

Visa Subscription Manager provides the ability to create a customized subscription management user experiece for clients within their digital banking application. The set of 5 APIs helps clients get a list of active or stopped subscription payments against a card and easily cancel or resume those payments. With VSM you can create stop instructions with precision and control, allowing you to stop intended transactions only.

To ease and accelerate the integration experience with VSM APIs, clients are provided with technical guidance and UX best practices.

Visa Digital Enablement SDK - Subscription Manager

Unique Benefits

  • Simplified integration and development
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Simplified ugrade for existing SDK clients

​The Visa Digital Enablement SDK: Subscription Manager feature allows our clients to seamlessly orchestrate a selection of APIs to deliver a seamless subscription management experience. The SDK provides a common point of entry for clients to use any of the following APIs: Card on File, Visa Stop Payment Service, and Digital Wallets Display. In addition, the SDK provides an optional UI/UX for client developers and offers the Digital Wallets Display functionality. ​

The SDK aims to simplify the development process by enabling multiple connections, thereby accelerating market entry, and reducing the cost and complexity of directly interfacing with various endpoints into a common connection.

APIs and SDKs Included

VSM Merchant Aggregation API

This enables a search for merchants where a PAN is stored. The search returns transactions on a specific card for a defined period, last 13 months

VSM Merchant Details API

This enables raw merchant details for a transaction to be retrieved.

VSM Search API

A general search for stop instructions will return all active Stop IDs and associated details against a specified card number (PAN).

VSM Add Merchant API

New stop instructions can be created. You may use the merchant identifiers obtained using the COF Data Service or Raw Merchant COF Data Service APIs.

VSM Cancel API

Existing stop instructions can be cancelled with the help of this API. Used together with the Search Stop Instruction API, this can allow payments for the specified merchant to be restarted and prevent future transactions from being stopped.

Digital Wallet Display (VDE SDK ONLY - Coming Soon)

Cardholders can view digital wallets where they have stored their card

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