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Process in-store, in-app, and online payments through a direct interface to Visa’s global payments system.

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Fees & Terms

Free to use in Sandbox. Contact for Production fees. Product terms located at end of the page.

Direct access to VisaNet to securely enable innovative payments solutions

VisaNet Connect APIs enable Visa clients -- such as acquirers, acquirer-processors, and approved technology partners -- to process in-store, in-app, and online payments through a direct interface to Visa’s global payment system. Clients can quickly and securely process these and other payments solutions over a simple internet connection to VisaNet, eliminating the need for installing hardware at the client’s site. 

Key Features

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Simplified payments

Supports in-store, in-app, and online payments, removing processing complexity and the need for clearing batches.

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Speed to market

Brings solutions to market faster with open standards and direct access to VisaNet to authorize, clear, and settle payments. 

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Lightweight interface

Simplifies integration efforts with client applications through easy-to-code RESTful APIs

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Security and reliability

Provides access to a trusted network to help ensure that payments are handled securely

How It Works


Cardholder submits payment

Cardholder initiates a card (PAN) or token-based payment. This payment request can be for purchases made in-store (POS), in-app, or online, including eCommerce and Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO). Additional use cases include installments, recurring payments, bill payments, debt repayments, and others.


Client sends payment request

Client host* sends payment requests directly to Visa over the internet via VisaNet Connect APIs.

*Acquirers, acquirer-processors, and approved technology partners.


Visa routes payment request to Issuer 

Visa translates and augments API messages with additional data for the issuer to use in making a payment decision, then routes the payment request to issuer


Issuer sends payment decision 

Issuer approves or declines the payment request and responds to Visa with the decision.


Visa routes payment decision to client 

Visa receives issuer payment decision and routes this back to the client via an API message.


Client receives reports from Visa 

Visa performs end-of-day settlement to the acquirer and sends daily reports to the acquirer, client, or both.

APIs Used

Authorization API

Used to request approval of PAN or token based transactions. To enable the clearing and settlement of an approved transaction, a subsequent Capture API request is required.

Capture API

Used to initiate the clearing and settlement of a previously approved authorization request. The Capture API request must be submitted as soon as a client fulfills a customer s order and must be within 30 days of the original authorization request.

Sales API

Used for a purchase when goods or services are delivered immediately to the consumer

Refund API

Used to submit credit vouchers or merchandise returns for card and token based transactions.

Void API

Used to reverse an outstanding or previously approved transaction. Voids can be also be submitted in case of time outs.

Verification API

Used to validate cardholder account information. Account verification is supported for both Visa and non-Visa brands.

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