B2B Virtual Account Payment Method

Getting Started with B2B Virtual Account Payment Method

About B2B Virtual Account Payment Method

The B2B Virtual Account Payment Method has APIs that allow you to use virtual accounts to automate the supplier payment process. You can use these APIs to develop flexible solutions across industries and segments. Whether it is a virtual account embedded within the procure-to-pay cycle, a virtual account used for payer-to-provider payments or a virtual account used in the travel booking process, this method will streamline the payment process.  

Consumers of the B2B Virtual Account Payment Method can choose to integrate to all of the available APIs to enable development of an end-to-end payables solution that includes: managing suppliers, accounts, and submitting payments. You can also integrate to a subset of the APIs for specific needs such as establishing authorization controls to reduce risk. 

The B2B Virtual Account Payment Method supports multiple payment options and handles both supplier-initiated and buyer-initiated payments. It also supports multiple account control options using authorization controls and credit limit adjustments. The B2B Virtual Account Payment Method also supports pseudo accounts (a type of Commercial token) in addition to processor-based PANs. Pseudo accounts allow added security for cardholders by having merchants process payments using pseudo accounts rather than a regular PAN. Pseudo accounts are generated internally at Visa rather than at the processor.

Things to Know

Issuers, buyers, processors, third party payment providers or Travel agencies, can use the B2B Virtual Account Payment Method APIs. 

Note: A third party cannot implement the B2B APIs without an issuer. You can select a subset of our endpoints to code to based on your desired use case.  Once you setup an VDP account, Visa can provide you with consultative support.

With these APIs, you can automate the process of paying your suppliers. You can also request accounts with authorization controls, and use the accounts for processing the payment yourself.

Use the API explorer in the API Reference section to understand how to use APIs in the Sandbox. When you are ready to promote your project to CTE or production, you must fill in the details requested in the Project promotion form. A Visa implementation manager will setup the data required and promote your project to the requested environment. To get started, refer to the Getting Started section in the Visa Developer Center.

To make calls to the B2B Virtual Account Payment Method APIs, you need a client id. For the sandbox environment, the system will display a client id to use.  For other environments, your Visa implementation manager will complete the setup and provide the required client id.

Note: The sandbox environment is designed to provide a general view and guide of the endpoint request and response structure.  There are systematic limitations, and you cannot execute all API functionality or see the full list of accurate error codes through the API explorer in sandbox.

See the error codes page for the full list of accurate codes related to the B2B Virtual Account Payment Method. 


The following table lists the regional availability for B2B Virtual Account Payment Methods. To view availability of all products, refer to the Availability Matrix.

Available in entire region

Limited availability in region

Not available

Region Availability Notes
North America
Asia-Pacific Processor integration / adjustable limit functionality not available in Asia-Pacific. Multibyte characters are not supported.
Europe Functionality Includes: Visa Payment Controls, Adjustable Credit limit (processor integration required), and Visa Pseudo Accounts. Note: Reconciliation data only available for transactions flowing through VisaNet. May offer additional option through VCF file.
LAC Processor Integration /adjustable limit account functionality not available in LAC