Here is a list of resources for Visa Chart Components.

Repository on GitHub with NPM Distribution

We are constantly working to evolve and improve Visa Chart Components and the work here is never done. The component code has been made open source and is maintained via our GitHub repository. We also keep a close eye on issues and feedback submitted.

VCC compiled node packages are distributed via, the compiled R package is distributed on CRAN and the compiled python package is distributed on pypi.

Demonstrations and Walkthroughs

While our README files in our repository provide robust documentation, we are also provide interactive examples of how developers can leverage our charts and their feature rich APIs.

Additional Resources


The Data Experience (DX) critique framework was developed to provide a more structured and consistent methodology for critiquing data visualization design with a human-centered focus. The DX critique framework leverages existing heuristic frameworks and human-centered design techniques, along with principles from cognitive science and accessibility. These were then extended to address unique aspects of Data Experience and Data Visualization design. 

View the Data Experience Critique Framework

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