Enhanced Accounts Payable Experience

Accelerate and streamline the accounts payable process

Optimized for:

Search for matching suppliers who accept virtual Visa cards 

Reduce time-consuming and labor-intensive paper-based invoice processing and check writing with Visa Supplier Matching Service. Easily identify suppliers based on available merchant information in the Visa's commerical merchant database that accepts Visa Commercial Payment products and get enriched merchant information on demand to help enhance the supplier matching experience. 

Enable a faster supplier payment process

Strengthen cash flow by paying your suppliers faster with the help of Visa's B2B Virtual Accounts Payable Method. Whether you are trying to reduce the risk of unauthorized payments by allowing the supplier to collect only approved invoice amounts, looking to establish payment controls or use Commercial tokens, Visa’s solution can help you on your way. B2B Virtual Accounts Payable Method automates the process of paying your suppliers using a virtual account embedded within the procure-to-pay cycle, a virtual account for payer-to-provider payments, or a virtual account used in travel booking process. 

Customer Benefits

Enhanced cash flow through faster and more secure payables process

Improved procurement efficiency
by identifying suppliers that match your business processes 

Reduction of time consuming paper based payables processes

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Disclaimer: Benefits depend on your implementation details and business factors. Use of APIs in production is subject to Visa’s review and approval, which may depend on certain criteria and additional conditions. Please refer to the documentation under the above included links for details on the requirements, eligibility and geographic availability of the APIs.