Enhanced Funds Transfer Experience

Fast, simple, secure funds transfer directly to any eligible debit or prepaid card

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Visa's Funds Transfer Solution

Provides eligible participants with the ability to instantlytransfer funds, improve cash flow and create greater convenience for your customers. Person to person funds transfer, corporate or merchant disbursements for such things as tax refunds, insurance claims, rebates or affiliate or contractor payouts are such examples. The use of Visa Directenables the transfer of funds to eligible debit and prepaid cards.

To help ensure smooth operation, validate whether a card can support successful transfer of funds using Payment Account Validation and Payment Attributes Inquiry. The ability to pre-validate an eligible account and screen for lost, stolen, or expired accounts increases the probability of a successful and more seamless transaction flow.

While enabling your eligible customers to quickly transfer funds, increase the protection of sensitive card information from theft and fraud using Visa Token Service. Handle sensitive card information using a unique digital identifier called a token that facilitates payments processing without exposing actual account details. 

Help reduce disruption in service due to outdated credential-on-file information by participating in Visa Account Updater program.

Funds Transfer Experience

Cardholder Benefits

Improve cash flow by making funds available quicker

Enable fast point to point payments, disbursements, reimbursements and refunds

Reduce friction in the payments lifecycle by providing a more seamless funds transfer experience

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Disclaimer: Specific product compliance requirements need to be adhered to in the implementation. Please refer to the descriptions and documentation under the above links for particular requirements and eligibility with respect to each capability.

1Actual fund availability varies by financial institution. Visa requires U.S. issuers to make funds available to its cardholders within a maximum of 30 minutes of approving the transaction.

Clients must ensure that all stages of transaction processing including transaction submission (Visa Direct APIs), financial settlement, dispute management, and reporting are in place before launching a Visa Direct program using the APIs. Please refer to Visa Direct documentation for details on the Visa Direct program requirements and eligibility.