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About Payment Account Attributes Inquiry

The General Attributes Inquiry and Funds Transfer Attributes Inquiry APIs are available to all developers in the sandbox and in production. Visa retains the right to review your project's implementation of these APIs before on-boarding to ensure that they are being used appropriately.


The following table lists the regional availability for Payment Account Attributes Inquiry. To view availability of all products, refer to the Availability Matrix.

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North America

Things to Know

Payment Account Attributes Inquiry enables the caller to look up information about a payment account. Using Payment Account Attributes Inquiry, applications can access both general attributes of the account (such as card type and issuer information) and specific attributes that are needed to use a payment account as part of a funds transfer.

The Payment Account Attributes Inquiry service has two APIs that let you look up important attributes of a Visa account that you may need to know in order to successfully implement your project. The General Attributes Inquiry API provides basic information about a Visa account that is generally applicable to many different types of projects.

To use the General Attributes Inquiry API, you must provide a valid Visa primary account number (PAN) in the request message. In the response message, you will receive a response status for the request and the following attributes for the requested account:

  • Product ID Code and Product Name. This two-character code indicates the product type of the requested account. The Product ID uniquely defines a product within the Visa network for the purposes of driving processing, interchange qualification, billing, benefits, reporting, and other services. The Product ID represents a unique combination of brand (such as Visa, MasterCard, or American Express), platform (such as Consumer or Business), class (such as Basic, Premium, or Purchasing), and scheme within class (such as Gold, Infinite, or Platinum).
  • Product Sub-Type Code and Product Sub-Type Name. The two-character Product Sub-Type code offers an additional level of differentiation within the product type of the account, such as a gift versus general purpose usage.Card Type Code. This one-character code indicates whether the account is credit, debit, prepaid, deferred debit, or charge.
  • Card Sub-Type Code. For prepaid accounts, this one-character code is used to differentiate between reloadable and non-reloadable accounts.
  • Product Platform Code. This two-character code identifies the product platform to which the account belongs, such as consumer, commercial, business, or government.
  • Issuer Information. This includes the name, numeric ISO country code, and Bank Identification Number (BIN) of the issuer of the requested account.

The technical details can be found on the API Reference link. A complete listing of all of these code values and their names is in the Request and Response Code Reference.

APIs Included

General Attributes Inquiry

The General Attributes Inquiry API provides easy access to an array of general payment account attributes, such as product ID, product name, card type, and issuer information.

Funds Transfer Attributes Inquiry

The Funds Transfer Attributes Inquiry API is often used with a funds transfer to/from a Visa payment account to determine key characteristics of a recipient card before initiating the transfer, such as country, card type, block status, etc.

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