Enhanced Travel Experience

Provide a more seamless payment experience and easy access to information regardless of cardholder location

Optimized for:

Use geo location data to reduce false declines

Allow cardholders to travel with confidence while reducing calls to the Issuer’s support call centers. With Mobile Location Confirmation, Visa helps Issuers eliminate unnecessary declines, resulting in a more hassle-free experience for cardholders. Through this service, cardholders can provide their mobile phone geo-location data so that Visa can inform their Issuer whether the cardholder’s mobile phone is near the merchant requesting authorization, enabling the issuer to make more confident authorization decisions.

 Incorporate cardholder-reported itineraries in the authorization decision

Visa also recommends incorporating the ability for a cardholder to self-report their travel itineraries. Visa Travel Notification Service enables access to the cardholder’s travel plans in the authorization message to help issuers make authorization decisions with precision.

 Apply personalized card controls

Cardholders can have additional control and visibility over their spending through Visa Transaction Controls. With the ability to turn off / on transaction alerts and transaction blocks and set spending limits on their mobile app or banking website, cardholders can help prevent or contain the misuse of cards and better manage their finances at any time.

 Locate nearby ATMS

Enable cardholders to search for Visa/Plus ATM locations around the world, via the Web or from their internet-enabled mobile devices using Visa Global ATM Locator.

 Get access to foreign exchange rates

Enable cardholders to easily access foreign exchange rates using Visa daily currency exchange rates for a given currency pair. With Foreign Exchange Rates, you can provide a better user experience for cross-border and/or multicurrency transactions.

Cardholder Benefits

Help prevent false declines while travelling by providing mobile phone location information

or travel plans in advance 

Want enhanced control? Manage your spending through card controls

Get access to information such as nearby ATM locations and foreign exchange rate 

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Disclaimer: Benefits and reduction of false declines depend on your implementation details and business factors. Use of APIs in production is subject to Visa’s review and approval, which may depend on certain criteria and additional conditions.