Getting Started with Mobile Location Confirmation

About Mobile Location Confirmation

Mobile Location Confirmation helps improve the consumer experience by helping you have more confidence to approve payment transactions when your cardholders travel.  With Mobile Location Confirmation, Visa can tell you at the time of purchase whether your cardholder is near a  merchant requesting payment authorization. You can include this information in your decision to approve a transaction that might otherwise have appeared too risky to approve.

The first step in getting started with Mobile Location Confirmation is to understand how it works, the role of its APIs, and the role the Mobile Location Agent plays in the delivery of the service.

Cardholders enroll in Mobile Location Confirmation using your mobile app. You notify Visa of cardholder participation by calling the Cardholder Enrollment API after cardholders provide consent to participate in Mobile Location Confirmation. When you receive a success response from Visa, the Mobile Location Agent embedded in your app begins to capture and report location to Visa. When you sign up for Mobile Location Confirmation, Visa provides the Mobile Location Agent in source code format so you can integrate the code into your mobile app.

When a cardholder transacts in a store using their enrolled card, Visa derives a Location Match Indicator for the transaction by comparing the merchant location in the authorization request to the location of the cardholder’s mobile phone. Visa then forwards the Location Match Indicator and an enhanced Visa Advanced Authorization score to you in the authorization request so that you can use these in your decision to approve or decline the transaction.

Things to Know

Mobile Location Confirmation delivers value by providing Visa card issuers an enhanced Visa Advanced Authorization score and a Location Match Indicator in the VisaNet authorization message. The Mobile Location Confirmation APIs can be used by any developer in the sandbox, however, since the enhanced score and Location Match Indicator is delivered to issuers in the VisaNet authorization message, only Visa issuers can sign up for Mobile Location Confirmation and use the APIs in production.

When you sign up for Mobile Location Confirmation, Visa provides the Mobile Location Agent to capture and report mobile device geolocation. Currently, only Visa issuers are given access to the Mobile Location Agent. You can use this within your mobile apps to capture location data for fraud detection purposes only. If you elect to use and retain location data reported from the Mobile Location Agent for fraud detection purposes outside of Mobile Location Confirmation, you must do so consistent with regulatory and legal considerations, including any other cardholder disclosures as may be required by law or industry practice. In addition, you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of location data submitted to Visa and compliance with all applicable privacy laws and regulations.

The sandbox environment currently does not have VisaNet connectivity, so you cannot validate the receipt of an authorization message with the enhanced VAA score and Location Match Indicator in the sandbox. Refer to the Service Activation Requirements section for information about alternatives for testing VisaNet connectivity.

Mobile Location Confirmation works wherever Visa cards are accepted, for all Visa product types, and for all card-present transactions that are processed by VisaNet. In the future, Visa intends to extend this capability to card-not-present transactions when device IP address location is available.


The following table lists the regional availability for Mobile Location Confirmation. To view availability of all products, refer to the Availability Matrix.

Available in entire region

Limited availability in region

Not available

Region Availability Notes
North America

Features Included

Cardholder Enrollment API

The Cardholder Enrollment API allows you to enroll and deenroll your Visa cardholder's account number and mobile device for Mobile Location Confirmation.

Mobile Location Agent

The Mobile Location Agent is downloadable source code that enables your mobile app to capture and report mobile phone geolocation to Visa.

Location Updates API

If you optionally route mobile geolocation reported by the Mobile Location Agent to your server, the Location Update API allows you to send location updates to Visa.