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Impesa incorporates several Visa APIs into Layla, a white label, smart virtual agent for financial institutions.

APIs Used:

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Working closely with Visa to bring Layla to market

“When we envisioned Layla, we were sure that integration with Visa was a must have. Since 2017, Visa Developer Platform has been part of Impesa’s development DNA. For every new product we work on, first we ask if we can do it with Visa, then we start to design.”

– Johnny Robles, CTO

Facilitating innovation and integration with financial institutions

“Our strategic partnership with Visa provides an easier way to go to market through frictionless integration with the banks we work with. Our developers use Visa’s API library to create tools that add value for credit and debit card issuers. Visa Developer Platform is amazing for facilitating innovation.”

– Mario Hernandez, CEO

Efficient customer interactions with Layla—Impesa’s personalized artificial intelligence service

Layla responds to different customer requests using Visa APIs through a natural conversational experience.

Identifying local merchant offers

Showing current exchange rates

Simulated examples only. Results will vary based on offer and information available at time of customer request.

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