Easy Benefit Eligibility Validation

Enable quick and easy validation of benefit eligibility based on the Visa card number to help provide a better cardholder experience.

With millions of cards in the world, how do you determine which Visa card may qualify for a benefit?  Banks and merchants can utilize Visa Card Eligibility Service to help check whether a Visa card is entitled to a specific benefit, quickly and cost-effectively.

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Quickly validate and enable cardholder benefits at the swipe of a card

Visa Card Eligibility Service (VCES) enables easy benefit eligibility confirmation and redemption, and tiered benefits implementation. VCES can help determine whether a Visa cardholder is eligible for benefits by referencing criteria such as card number, purchase history and specific rules defined by clients. Once eligibility is confirmed, VCES allows quick redemption of benefits, helping clients deliver delight to cardholders in near real-time. Clients can also implement tiered spend-based benefits programs with VCES. 

Refer to Visa Card Eligibility Service Docs for more details.

Redeeming Travel Rewards Scenario

Kevin is vacationing in Europe and leverages his Visa card to access multiple benefits throughout his trip. While waiting for his flight to depart, Kevin uses his Visa card to get a free airport lounge visit at a lounge that is available to him as a benefit on his card from his issuer. Kevin swipes his card at the lounge POS machine. The POS system sends a validation API call to Visa Card Eligibility Service. In response, the POS quickly receives a response, indicating the card as “eligible.” Kevin is then granted the free lounge access.

After Kevin arrives in France, he uses his card to purchase a meal at a restaurant that sponsors a discount to eligible cardholders dining at the restaurant.  While paying the bill, the POS machine calls to the VCES API, which validates that Kevin is an eligible cardholder to receive the benefit of a discount on his meal.

While waiting for his flight back home, Kevin redeems free lounge access again as his past spend behavior qualifies him for a second redemption.

step 1

Clients set-up eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria for a benefit program is set up in VCES.

step 3

Validation at POS

Kevin goes to a merchant and validates his Visa card for benefits by swiping it. The system returns his card as eligible within seconds.

step 5

Benefit redemption

The POS machine makes a redemption call and grants Kevin access to the benefit.

Key Benefits

Reduce cardholder inquiries

Flexible eligibility requirement setup

Benefit eligibility criteria can be based on multiple conditions, such as Visa card type, issuing location, issuer, BIN/Account Range/RPIN, spend behavior, merchant code/group, etc.

Reduce chargebacks

Near real-time validation

Check the card number against the benefit program eligibility criteria and return the check result within seconds.

Reduce operating costs

Spend-based benefit

Benefits can have different tiers based on spend. The more a cardholder spends, the more redemption of a benefit he/she may be able to get.

APIs Included

Visa Card Eligibility Service (PCI compliant vendor)


Validate API is used to check whether a PAN is eligible for a program or not.


Prepay API is used to check if the payment card is the same as the validation card.


Redeem API is used to redeem a validated card.

Visa Card Eligibility Service iFrame (non-PCI compliant vendor)

Register iFrame

Register iFrame API retrieves the Vendor's Token ID, which is the authentication token for validating the vendor to load the iFrame.

Get Validation Status

Get Validation Status API retrieves the validation status of PAN eligibility for a program, along with card attributes.

Redeem Offer via iFrame integration

Redeem Offer via iFrame integration is used to redeem an offer if eligibility is confirmed.

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