Transaction Data Enrichment

Help cardholders understand their purchases and reduce chargebacks and cardholder inquiries.

Merchant Search leverages Visa-accepting merchant identification information to allow your cardholders to view cleaner transaction statements and detailed merchant information for every card transaction, making it easy for cardholders to recognize their card transactions. This reduces disputes and chargebacks, resulting in a smoother user experience, fewer customer calls due to unrecognized transactions, and an enhanced digital banking experience.

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Simplify the process of reviewing card statements for your cardholders

Merchant Search helps transform unrecognizable merchant names into clean, easy-to-read merchant information. This allows cardholders to easily recognize the transactions they made with their cards by providing clear information about the merchants where transactions were made, eliminating the hassle of clarifying or contesting statements. Merchant Search simplifies the process of reviewing card statements and prevents unnecessary customer inquiries and chargebacks.  

Merchant Search Scenario

Julie, a cardholder, is concerned about fraudulent activity on her card. She logs onto her mobile banking app every week to review her purchases and ensure there are no suspicious or unknown transactions. She is frequently frustrated while using her app because her transaction statement is filled with unrecognizable merchant names. As a result, she often calls customer support to ask for additional details or even to dispute transactions.

After her bank integrates Visa’s Merchant Search API with its app, Julie is amazed by the improvement in her banking experience and she feels more confident and secure using her bank’s cards. Merchant names that were previously unknown are now easy to understand, and she is also able to view additional merchant detail to help her recall and understand her transactions. 

step 1

Log into Mobile App

Julie logs into her mobile banking app to view her credit card statement.

step 3

Review Clean Card Statement

Julie views her statement and easily recognizes where she made her purchases.

step 5

View Detailed Merchant Information

With a simple click, Julie can see additional merchant detail, such as merchant contact information.

Example of Merchant Search on Mobile Banking App

Mobile banking app
Mobile banking app with merchant information

Key Benefits for Issuers

Reduce cardholder inquiries

Reduce cardholder inquiries

Reduce chargebacks

Reduce chargebacks

Reduce operating costs

Reduce operating costs

Key Benefits for Cardholders

Cleaner card statements

Cleaner card statements

Identify unknown merchants

Identify unknown merchants

Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience

Less time spent reconciling transactions

APIs Included

Merchant Search API

You can search for the merchant identification data using the acquirer provided Merchant Name, Country Code, and other attributes such as Address or Card Acceptor Identifiers. The API supports wildcard searches on Merchant Name if the entire Merchant Name is not available. You can choose to receive only those records that are an exact match or a list of records that matched on certain attributes.

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