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John Paul uses Visa Card Eligibility Service and Visa Global ATM Locator APIs in their white label concierge app to improve Visa cardholder experiences and increase loyalty for issuers.

APIs Used:

Helping brands create seamless experiences and inspire loyalty with Visa APIs

“Visa Card Eligibility Services helps us authenticate app users to simplify the process for customers and our concierges.”

– David Ohayon, Chief Digital Officer

“Thanks to Visa APIs, we’re able to provide each user with a personalized experience based on their card and issuing bank which makes the app really powerful.”

– Mehdi Boumendjel, Design Director

Here's how Visa APIs help John Paul better serve cardholders through their app experience

Verifying user eligibility for services

The Visa Card Eligibility API checks a cardholder's eligibility for offers and benefits based on a range of criteria from account information to specific card attributes.

Finding the nearest ATM

The Visa Global ATM Locator API helps cardholders search and locate Visa ATM locations around the world.

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Serving the right offer to the right cardholder

The app allows issuers to promote highly personalized merchant offers and services, depending on cardholder preferences and location.

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