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Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) uses Mobile Location Confirmation and Visa Transaction Controls to provide its members with added fraud protection and the ability to lock and unlock their Visa cards through the MSUFCU mobile app.

APIs Used:

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MSUFCU gives members more control and fraud protection with minimal disruption.

“The Mobile Location Confirmation and Visa Transaction Controls APIs work seamlessly to our members’ advantages. They can be more confident that their cards and accounts are protected.”

—Nicole Dilts, Assistant Vice President of Payment Systems

Using Visa technology to stay competitive

“As consumers can be selective and make choices based on their evolving needs, MSUFCU sought innovative technology to ensure we remain competitive and differentiated in a market inundated with options.”


—Sara Dolan, Chief Financial Officer

Michigan State app pictures

APIs in action for credit union members

Mobile Location Confirmation matches members’ device locations to the transaction locations, helping reduce fraud as well as inconvenient card declines. Card Lock can allow cardholders to lock and unlock their Visa cards with the tap of a finger to help prevent unauthorized use.

Michigan State team talking about their app

Providing seamless experiences for exceptional service and convenience

“We have incorporated multiple APIs to help our programs communicate with our vendors’ programs, which has proven crucial to providing a seamless and enhanced experience for our members. Leveraging the Visa API helped us position exceptional member service and convenience amidst leading-edge technology.” —Samantha Amburgey, Chief Information Officer

Remarkable interest in new services for members

1,072 cards* enrolled in Mobile Location Confirmation

1,145 cards* set up with card controls through Card Lock

*As of January 2018

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