DPS Card and Account Services

Empower issuers to manage their cardholders account information efficiently, securely and easily.

DPS Card and Account Services is a set of features that issuers can offer their cardholders to manage their account information. Using their mobile banking app or online website, cardholders can perform different types of inquiries and manage card information.

available for use by:

Issuer Banks
Independent Developers
Mobile credit using Square payment device

Enable issuers to manage their cardholder’s card and account information

DPS Card and Account Services (DCAS) supports a set of debit and prepaid card and account services. The DCAS API can be used by any developer in the sandbox. 

Key Features

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Give issuers the flexibility and simplicity to manage cardholder data.

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Offer new ways to retrieve cardholder data preferences.

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Improve speed to market and cost savings on product offerings.

Why Use It?

  • To manage cardholder information easily and securely.
  • To build and offer new solutions to cardholders.
  • To increase acceptance and drive revenue growth.

How Does It Work?

DPS Card and Account Services (DCAS) enables issuers to manage their cardholder’s card and account information efficiently and securely. Visa issuers can choose from a variety of services offered to design and develop new solutions for their cardholders. 

Using their mobile banking application or online website, cardholders can:

  • Inquire on all cards associated with an account
  • Inquire on card and account detail information
  • Inquire on balance information
  • Inquire on transaction history
  • Perform funds transfers
  • Manage card information, such as name and address
  • Manage notifications which includes email, text and push notifications
APIs Used

Card Inquiry API

The Card Inquiry API enables issuers and partners to manage cardholder’s card and account information. Issuers can search for all cards and card information associated with an account.

Card Services API

The Card Services API enables issuers and partners to manage their cardholder’s card and account information, notification settings and balance information. Cardholders can inquire on and update their account information. Cardholders can manage their notification subscriptions, view transaction history, perform transfers from a card to an account and from one account to another.

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