Visa Transaction Controls Product Terms

March 15, 2024

If You are a Visa Member or not a Visa Member the following Visa Product Terms apply to You:

1. You are responsible for providing all notices and disclosures to, and collecting any consents from, cardholders that may be required under applicable Laws  regarding VTC and alerts notifications before enrolling such cardholders as participants (“VTC Participants”) in VTC (“VTC Program”). The VTC Program is provided by Visa under a limited license to You for the benefit of the VTC Participant.

2. You are responsible for all data and record retention obligations in connection with its and its VTC Participants’ participation in the VTC Program.

3. For initial project implementation, You must complete certification testing that meets Visa’s testing requirements. After production launch, if You add additional features and functionality, certification testing is not required; however, You shall be responsible for any issues that may arise related to new features.

4. Without limitation of Your other obligations under the Agreement, You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Visa (including affiliates of Visa , their service providers and licensors) for any losses arising from fraud and/or infringement of privacy rights, including losses arising from a regulatory investigation related to concerns that data may be directed to improperly authenticated individuals and investigations by carriers related to improper use of mobile messaging networks and systems. 

5. You should also clearly and conspicuously disclose to VTC Participants that certain costs and expenses associated with participating in the VTC Program will not be covered or provided by Visa, including fees/costs for:

  •  VTC Participants receiving notifications through SMS messages to mobile phones, the cost of obtaining a wireless carrier, an appropriate wireless data services plan, a compatible mobile device and/or any SMS message fees charged by the VTC Participant’s carrier;
  • VTC Participants receiving notifications through email, access to a personal computer, Internet-enabled phone or other device used to receive emails, and associated costs charged by VTC Participant’s Internet service provider; and
  • Any SMS messaging transmitted to VTC Participants.

6. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Agreement, Visa will begin billing You for fees applicable to VTC commencing on the earlier of (i) Production Live Date or (ii) eight (8) months following commencement of the Term.

7. In addition to the above terms, if You are not a Visa Member You may only access and use VTC on behalf and at the direction of Visa Members. Prior to accessing and making use of VTC on behalf of a given Member, You must provide Visa with a fully executed Issuer Agreement and Acknowledgement form for each Member (i) whom You act as a service provider for and (ii) whose Cardholder data will be submitted to Visa by You through VTC.

If You are a Visa Member the following Visa Product Terms apply to Your use of the Visa Flexible Credential (“VFC”) APIs:

A) The Documentation for VFC includes the documents titled as of March 10, 2024, the “Visa Flex Credential (VFC) API Reference—Managed Model” and “Visa Flexible Credential (VFC) Implementation Guide—Managed Model” and the document(S) that replace or succeed each. Please ask Your Visa representative for such Documentation.

B) Visa bills separately for the use of and participation in Visa Transactions Control and Visa Flexible Credentials. If You use VFC but not VTC, Visa will charge You only fees for VFC. Similarly, if You use VTC but not VFC, Visa will charge You only fees for VTC.

C) If You use VFC in the Visa Central Europe, Middle East and Africa Region (“Visa CEMEA Region”), then notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Terms of Use, You shall accrue fees for Your use of VFC in the Visa CEMEA Region commencing on the earlier of (a) Your Production Live Date for the corresponding Visa Product or (b) the date falling four months after You received Solution Approval for such Visa Product.

D) You are responsible for providing all notices and disclosures to, and collecting any consents from, Cardholders as required under applicable laws. This includes informing Cardholders that their preferences (such as the choice between the processing of credit or debit transactions) will be shared with third parties.

If You are a non-Visa Member, acting as an Agent of a Visa Member, the following terms apply:

A) You may only use VFC after being designated a Third Party Agent of a Visa Member that has received Visa’s Solution Approval to use VFC.

B) Your access and use of VFC is at the direction and on behalf of the Visa Member for which You are an Agent; and only to provide services to such Visa Member.