Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service

Getting Started with Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service

About Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service

As a part of the Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service (VBASS), the Full BIN List and Single BIN Lookup APIs are available to all developers in the Sandbox. All VBASS programs in Production require the participant to be a Visa licensed Acquirer or Issuer or be sponsored by a Visa licensed Acquirer or Issuer who agrees to sponsor the participant for the VBASS programs. Except as otherwise agreed upon by Visa, participation is further subject to registration and agreement to the VBASS specific terms, as well as Visa approval. A detailed overview of additional requirements, participation criteria, billing and exceptions can be found on Visa Online

Visa retains the right to review your project's implementation of these APIs before on-boarding to ensure that they are being used appropriately.


The following table lists the regional availability for Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service. To view availability of all products, refer to the Regional Availability.

Available in entire region

Limited availability in region

Not available

Region Availability Notes
North America

Things to Know

The Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service (VBASS) provides a Visa BIN Attribute Data. as a BIN list as well as Account-by-Account basis. The Service provides Issuer Identifiers, Product Identifiers and in case of the BIN list also the high and low range values for the BIN.

VBASS has two APIs that give you different ways of accessing the Visa BIN Information - the Full BIN List API and the Single BIN Lookup API. The Full BIN List API can be used to access a complete list of all of the Visa BIN and associated Issuer and Product identifiers. The Single BIN Lookup API can be used to access the Issuer Name and Issuer and Product Identifiers and optionally may include the Account Level Management updates, as provided by Issuers. 

The Full BIN List API comprises of three levels of access to the Visa BIN attributes. Participants looking for Level 2 and Level 3 data require registration to the Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service and will be be subject to billing. 

Level 1: This is the most basic level and does not require any registration.  

Level 2 and Level 3: Both levels require registration and are subject to approval and pricing. 


Level 1 – Basic

Issuer BIN, Account Range Minimum/Maximum

Level 2 – Advanced

Level 1 fields and PAN/Token Indicator, Issuer Biller Currency, Issuer Country Code, Product Platform, Product ID/Name, Account Funding Source

Level 3 - Complete

Level 2 fields and Account Funding Source Subtype, Issuer Name


To use the Single BIN Lookup API, you must provide a valid Visa Primary Account Number (PAN) or Token in the request message. In the response message, you will receive a response status for the request and the following attributes for the requested PAN or Token:

  • Issuer Attributes: Issuer centric attributes such as Issuer BIN, Issuer Country Code, Issuer Billing Currency and Issuer Name
  • Product Attributes: Product attributes such as Product ID and Name,Card Type and SubType and Product Platform 

Refer to API Reference to learn more about every individual request and response parameters. A complete list of all of the related code values and their names can be found in the Request and Response Code Reference.

Any access and use for both the Full BIN List API and the Single BIN Lookup API require the participant to be a Visa licensed Acquirer or Issuer (or sponsored by a participating Visa licensed Acquirer or Issuer) and is subject to approval by Visa for permissible use cases only. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is required of all entities that store, process, or transmit Visa cardholder data, including financial institutions, merchants and service providers. The utilization of Single BIN Lookup API requires the participant to be PCI DSS compliant.

Please contact your Visa Account Representative with more information on how to register for and participate in the VBASS.