Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service

Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service Authentication Method

Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service APIs use mutual SSL authentication and channel encryption, which requires the caller to obtain a user ID and password as well as to install a PKI certificate issued by Visa. Test credentials can be obtained online in the Project Console for sandbox testing. Production credentials will be supplied to you as part of the production on-boarding process. (Contact [email protected] for more information or to begin the production on-boarding process.)

Two-Way SSL

As one of the security protocols, Visa Developer sandbox secures its connections with clients by means of Two-Way SSL (Mutual Authentication) method. Refer to the link below to quickly learn about how to get credentials to start building with Two-Way SSL.

Visit the Two-way SSL Guide to learn more.

Message Level Encryption

Message Level Encryption (MLE) is required for the Single BIN Lookup API. MLE provides an enhanced security for message payload by using asymmetric encryption technique (public-key cryptography). You can generate the encryption/decryption key pairs in the Sandbox or Production environments. For details, refer to the Message Level Encryption Documentation. Clients can use Visa Developer Playground app to connect to the APIs since Postman does not support MLE.