Getting Started with Visa Stop Payment Service

Things to Know

The Visa Stop Payment Service (VSPS) enables Visa card issuers to stop card-on-file payments (including recurring and installment) from being authorized, cleared, and settled through VisaNet. The service can help provide Visa issuers with a method for handling cardholder stop payment requests.

It is important for the cardholder to understand that the use of VSPS by their issuer does not release the cardholder from any legal responsibilities to pay the merchant for goods or services as per their agreement with the merchant.

Participating issuers are responsible for any necessary cardholder notifications related hereto.

Visa retains the right to review your project's implementation of the VSPS APIs before on-boarding to ensure that they are being used appropriately.

Please refer to the VSPS Visa Online (VOL) page and the VSPS Implementation/User Guide for additional details on participation requirements and service descriptions.

For further information, contact [email protected]


The following table lists the regional availability for Visa Stop Payment Service. To view availability of all products, refer to the Availability Matrix.

North America Asia-Pacific Europe CEMEA LAC Notes
  • Available in entire region
  • Not available
  • See notes for available countries

Service Activation Requirements

In addition to the issuance of VDP production credentials, issuers and their respective development partners must also schedule VDP testing and certification through the VDP team at [email protected].

VisaNet activation is also required for participation in VSPS. As well as the VDP agreement, issuers must complete the following documentation to request activation of VSPS for an issuer system.

  • Subscription Form—Each issuer BIN to be enrolled in VSPS must be included on the form and will need to be activated in the V.I.P. Customer Online Repository (CORE). (The form is available to download from VOL, or contact your regional Visa CSS or Account Representative.)
  • Visa Online—Each user requiring access to the VSPS user interface will need to have the VSPS application added to their VOL user profile.

For further information, contact [email protected].