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Free to use in Sandbox. Product terms located at the bottom of the page.

A suite of lightweight RESTful APIs for supporting issuers and issuer-processors

VisaNet Connect – Card Services are a portfolio of VisaNet Connect APIs to help simplify various issuing and card service management tasks by leveraging the open internet and lightweight RESTful APIs. Issuers and issuer processors can quickly onboard, test, and promote their integration into production. 

Key Features

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Simplified card generation

Issuers can generate new card details and update card details for new and existing cardholders. Issuers and approved card personalization vendors can request details on card credentials for physical card issuance.



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Access to Cardholder Database Service

Issuers can designate special processing conditions such as accumulated transaction limits and regional usage restrictions at the cardholder level.

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PIN Generation

Issuers can request a new PIN or change a PIN directly with Visa.


How It Works

VisaNet Connect – Card Services are built to prioritize ease of integration for issuers. Clients can quickly prototype their integration and upon proving connectivity in a certification environment, clients will be able to use these APIs in production. Each API can be used independently or combined. 

APIs Used

Cardholder Database Update API

Issuers can designate special processing conditions that will be applied during payments processing at the cardholder level.

Card Services API

Issuers can generate a new card or update card details for existing cardholders.


Issuers can set or change PIN values through an API request message.

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