Getting Started with VisaNet Connect - Card Services APIs

Getting Started

Issuers can begin prototyping their integration with the VisaNet Connect - Card Services APIs through the Visa Developer Platform. Issuers that wish to to deploy their solution to Production must meet the VisaNet endpoint requirements in order to participate.


The following table lists the regional availability for VisaNet Connect - Card Services APIs. To view availability of all products, refer to the Availability Matrix.

North America Asia-Pacific Europe CEMEA LAC Notes
  • Available in entire region
  • Not available
  • See notes for available countries


All VisaNet Connect - Card Services implementations for clients that are non-members require a sponsorship by a licensed Visa member. The member is responsible for their sponsored endpoints’ access and use of the VisaNet Connect - Card Services APIs. Endpoints are responsible for maintaining ongoing compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other security standards, as defined by the Visa Cardholder Information Security Program. Endpoints will be required to undergo a risk and business review satisfactory to Visa in its sole discretion. 

Next Steps

Issuers interested in using one or multiple VisaNet Connect - Card Services APIs can view API specification documentation by clicking on "API Reference" at the top of the page. Issuers can inquire about additional materials or beginning the onboarding process through their Visa Account Representative.